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  1. arftech

    Burson Conductor

    Just took delivery of a new to me Burson Conductor to pair with LCD-2's and home rig. My question is do anybody leave their unit on permanently because it is suggested to power on the unit at least 30 minutes prior to usage for best sound. Enjoy The Music!
  2. arftech

    Will A Better Cable Make A Difference?

    Greetings,   I've been using a Hifiman HE-500 for a few months now and it has not been an enjoyable experience to say the least! The headphones is currently outfitted with the stock silver cables which to me ears sounds bright, fatiguing and not resolving at all.  Will a better cable make an...
  3. arftech

    I Need A Solution For Better Sound

    I want to use the Toslink port on my Mac to connect to a DAC and  I'm currently using Atltec Lansing 2.1 speakers.  What DAC would you recommend and will I get an improvement in sound?  Affordable solutions please becaue we're still in a recession!   I Come In Peace!   arftech