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    New Mac Mini as Source?

    The new apple airport express is a better router than the old one (it is dual band, has 2 ethernet ports) and still has the analog/digital out (use a minitosklink to toslink).  I just bought one to use as a wifi repeater/streaming devicen and it is working great.  ...
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    Best Computer Speakers? Which of the following are better?

    If price weren't an issue, I'd' probably opt for the emotivas. But you can pick up the audioengine A5+ open box from Vanns which is undergoing liquidation I believe but with a full manufacturer's warranty for $234 and no shipping.  I wanted to buy the airmotivs but opted for the audio engines...
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    Best addition under $150 (Phones? DAC? Amp?)

    The Grado SR60s were my first pair of good headphones.     Once you have a pretty good system that you are happy with (and I take it from your post that you are happy with your current set up), then the question becomes what is your weakest link.  I suspect it is the headphones.  In changing...
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    New Mac Mini as Source?

    You lack of a CD drive on the new minis is a drag; it can be fixed inexpensively, though.  You can connect your digital sources either via usb or via a mini toslink to toslink using the headphone output.  
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    little problems about my desktop hifi configuration

    @wuli123: I think you did a nice job of researching your gear and looking for a good price.  It seems that you like the sound of your speakers which is obviously really important.   If you want to save some money, accessories4less sells refurbished gear with warranties.  It is hit or miss as...
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    little problems about my desktop hifi configuration

    @cel4145: you must really enjoy your life.   So if you want to engage in a pretty dumb flaming war, go ahead buddy.  You are clearly enjoying yourself.   Insofar as the sonar is concerned, why didn't you read the 2d message where I edited what i said.  I thought I made it clear that I was...
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    little problems about my desktop hifi configuration

    Quote: I think you should have read the edited post first before repeating yourself.  But if you need to keep repeating yourself over the onboard generic dac on a PC (as opposed to the asus xonar ST that the OP is talking about), please go ahead.  In any case, I'll just disagree with you...
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    little problems about my desktop hifi configuration

    Quote: Well, it really depends on what is onboard doesn't it?  The OP says he is buying a Asus Xonar ST.  I suspect that will work just fine for his purposes.   Edit: I meant to say that the ST is fine in my first post.
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    Setup from scratch?

    Quote: Don't use wav; flac or alac, it's your choice.  They're both fine.  I'm a mac guy so I've always used alac. But lossless is lossless and you can easily change the format.  ITunes only works with alac though which is why I recommended it.       "So to your third point, If I rely...
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    Setup from scratch?

    There are a lot of pretty good ways to do what you want.  First (and right off the bat) , I'd take all my CDs and burn them to apple lossless using error correction.  That way they'll work with iTunes.  Now there are other front ends for music but it's hard to beat the price (free) and iTunes...
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    What's my bottleneck? How good is my audio source? Will it do good headphones justice?

    The Senn 595s were the first pair of really good headphones that I owned.  I own headphones I like better now but I still go back and use them from time to time. You are going to really like the Senn 558s is my guess.
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    Which preamp/dac and speaker should i go for?

    There's lot of good ways to go.  I tend to lean towards a separate dac and amp like you suggested as that way you can upgrade the dac without having to upgrade the amp as well.  If you are going separates, you might want to take a look at the outlaw 2150 stereo receiver.  It has a usb input...
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    DAC question and ipod/portable players

    Pure ipod dock is perhaps the cheapest I've seen at $86,   More than a few receivers have a usb input that allows for a direct digital connection an iPod.  ...
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    "best" headphones mainly for classical and under $300

    @Zarim: thanks for the ideas.  Some of the cans are over my budget (I like Senns a lot but the HD600s are probably more than I want to spend).  I'll have to look into the AD 1000s, though, and the others you mentioned.   @yep: good call on the AD900s.  I forgot about those.  I used to own a...
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    "best" headphones mainly for classical and under $300

    So the title says what I'm looking for.  I listen mainly to classical.  I am currently using the Beyerdynamic DT 880s (250 ohm).  I use an audio gd dac/amp which can drive most headphones I think.  This is my desktop set up at home and the music is on my laptop.   So I know that the AKG...
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    REVIEW: Swan T200B Desktop Monitors

    Quote: Agreed that the reviewer needs a bigger desk.  Great review but the speakers seem to swallow the desk up.  I've checked out the swans before and decided against buying them.  They look great and nicely spec'ed but I'm skeptical of using large monitors for a nearfield set-up.  In my...
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    Does this exist: A device to stream music from my computer's library over my wireless network? (speaker setup is in another room)

    an apple tv?  apple express?  Both would do the trick.  My fav is the SB touch.  
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    computer speaker ideas?

    With a $100 budget, I'd think about getting some headphones.  If I were going to buy speakers at that price, I'd take a look at the swan m-10s from the audio insider.   Edit: you could also put this together for under...
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    DACMagic Plus Impressions

    I've been using mine for around a week.  I like the dac a lot, the headphone amp not so much.  I may return mine just for that reason.  The decmagic 100 seems to be a much better deal.
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    connecting digital speakers to my nuforce HDP somehow?

    Get the right cables and you're good to go.  The logitechs should have either RCA or minijack inputs.  Connect those to the RCA outs on your Nuforce HDP and you're good to go.
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    integrated amp and/or stereo receiver as headphone amp

    Bump: I realize that this may be posted in the wrong forum or that there may not be much interest in using in this topic (or maybe I've missed some threads on this).  That said, I'd like to know what is the best way to connect a headphone amp to an integrated amp and/or stereo receiver.  Thanks!
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    integrated amp and/or stereo receiver as headphone amp

    I'm getting ready to buy a new integrated amp or a stereo receiver and I'd like to get one that will do a good job of driving my Beyer DT 880 (250 ohms) without having to buy a separate headphone amp.  I'm considering the NAD 326bee, the Cambridge 550A, the Marantz PM5004, and the Marantz...
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    Recommendations for Kitchen System

    All the speakers I recommended are sealed and designed to be wall mounted.  They are also all internet direct manufacturers that provide a 30 day money back guarantee.  They NHT speakers are very, very good; the other 2 manufacturers are very well considered in the business and I would not...
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    Recommendations for Kitchen System

    Check out ascend acoustics htm-200 SE speakers; they're designed to be wall mounted as well:   Also check out Axiom audio which is another internet direct company that has a few different on wall models...
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    Review: AKG K 450

    I've been listening to my AKG 450s for a week now as I have been traveling.  They do a reasonable job of cutting out background noise which makes for a good listening environment since they are closed and the pads form a pretty decent seal.  I think are quite good for movies but are a bit muddy...