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  1. Douger333

    Ampsandsound Kenzie tube amp

    I have owned my Kenzie amp since March 2017 and am very happy with it! I primarily used it with my Mr. Speakers Ether headphones, a very nice combination... My Ethers were so pure I chose not to convert to Flows. I have also been a long time Grado fan, and last year they introduced the...
  2. Douger333

    Omaha, NE Head-Fi Meet Sat May 20, Custom Electronics

    7511 Pacific St 11-4 Store opens at 10, closes at 5, we must vacate promptly.   Meet Rules (copied from other posts, tell me if I need to add anything) Please treat fellow head-fiers, vendors, and their gear with the utmost care and respect. Do not unplug headphones without asking...
  3. Douger333

    Omaha Head-Fi Meet New Date May 19/CE!

    Apologies for any confusion...  I am a newbie on Head-Fi, infrequent poster but serious lurker and was quite infected and joined on January 2011.  Upon learning that Larry, Marylin and Tim have been active supporters of  Head-F I asked when another meet was planned, and here I am. After...