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  1. dizzyorange

    Halide DAC HD review and comparison to irDAC, D1050, Dragonfly, Explorer

    I've been enjoying this little DAC for a few weeks now. I first became interested in it after Stereophile gave it a Class A recommendation. For a while it was it by far the cheapest Class A source component they had on their list. Recently I decided to order one—and let me warn you here that...
  2. dizzyorange

    KEF LS50 Bookshelf Loudspeaker Review

    Now that my KEF LS50s have about 50 hours of burn-in, I wanted to give some brief impressions.     First a very short bit of introduction: The LS50s were created by KEF to celebrate their 50th anniversary. They were Stereophile's Product of the Year in the 2013.  They are listed at $1500.  ...
  3. dizzyorange

    Who's been here the longest?

    I remember when I lurked for 2 years before signing up in 2005!  My first pair of headphones: KSC-55 — in all honesty still my favorite pair of headphones ever.   Now it seems I'm the grandfather.  All you newbs signed up in like 2012.   Anyone been here longer than me?  Reply so I don't...
  4. dizzyorange

    What's the name of that song they play in hockey or basketball arenas?

    This is killing me.  This song used to get played a lot in the 90s at NHL or NBA games.  It's got a techno melody for a chorus that goes like   dadada  da da da da da  dadada da da da da da dadada  da da da da da  dadada da da da da da   I think it might have been in one of those SNES NHL...
  5. dizzyorange

    Audience ClairAudient The One speakers

    I heard these at a friend's tonight and thought they sounded terrific.  Very cohesive and headphone-like sound.  Wonder if it's because of the single driver (not counting the passive rear bass driver)?  Thinking about picking a pair up.  Anyone have any experience with these?  
  6. dizzyorange

    Classical music recommendations

    I used to dislike classical music but am starting to appreciate it. The other night, I listened to Beethoven's 13th, 14th, & 15th string quartets (Quartetto Italiano) in pitch darkness with a glass of wine.   It was so beautiful.  Sad and cruel as well.  It was really emotional.  I...
  7. dizzyorange

    Why do some bands release the exact same songs on EPs as their albums?

    EPs are a real mystery to me.  Are there any musicians or people in the music industry here that can shed some light on why exactly bands release EPs?  I can understand it if there are actually new songs on an EP, like if an artist has a theme they want to explore but it isn't long enough for an...
  8. dizzyorange

    Why do FLAC files vary so much in size?

    I'm trying to understand how FLAC files can vary so much in size.  Some FLAC files of classical music can be in 400-500kbps, while rock tracks are often nearer to 1000kbps.  Since FLAC is lossless, no information is being thrown away, isn't FLAC pretty much like an advanced form of a ZIP file...
  9. dizzyorange

    My gripe with replaygain (foobar)

    I play tracks on shuffle so replaygain is a necessity, but I find it "overcompensates".  For example, heavy metal will be very quiet and then a soft acoustic track will be overwhelmingly loud.  I want some volume equalization, but I still want tracks are supposed to be loud to be loud, and...
  10. dizzyorange

    how much of your music collection have you actually listened to?

    Just curious - some of you have collections in the 10,000s of songs - have you actually listened to all of the songs?  I have about 8000 songs in my collection and honestly only have actually played about 2/3 of the songs.
  11. dizzyorange

    Rega DAC

    Stereophile claims it's the warmest DAC of all time, and yet they like it.  They describe its sound as having "heft" and "weight."  This sounds like the absolutely perfect DAC for me.  Does anyone have one?  What do you think?
  12. dizzyorange

    What's the warmest least fatiguing inexpensive DAC?

    For $200 or less, what would you pick if the #1 priority was minimal listening fatigue? - something I can keep on 12 hours a day?  I know what causes fatigue for me is high frequency shrillness.  I like a nice liquid midrange and don't mind giving up detail.  Or should I just stick with my...
  13. dizzyorange

    Styrofoam as speaker stand

    I needed to lift some AudioEngine A5's off of the desk and ended up wrapping two blocks of styrofoam with electrical tape to use as temporary stands until I could make some from wood.  I was really impressed with how the speakers sounded on the styrofoam but attributed it to lifting the speakers...
  14. dizzyorange

    Stethoscope for cardiology

    Has anyone had firsthand experiences with both the Littman Cardio III and the Welch Allyn Harvey Elite? These seem to be the two most commonly recommended stethoscopes. Most people at my school have the Littman, but rumors are that it has muddy bass. Does anyone who's tried both have an...
  15. dizzyorange

    Anybody ever hear of Kristin Chenoweth?

    Not really my normal vein of music, but her voice just blows me away. Check out the track "Upon this Rock" from her LP "As I Am". She has the ability to elevate her voice like few female vocalists I've ever heard. Warning: Christian music.. "Just As I Am" is another great cut from the same...
  16. dizzyorange

    Number of active head-fi members declining?

    Has anyone else noticed that the # of visitors to head-fi has been gradually declining over the past year? I am going solely by the number on the bottom of the front page, which lists the number of members and visitors currently browsing the site. Around this time last year, that number would...
  17. dizzyorange

    Need some quick help

    I am trying to figure out the values of the cap and resistor in this picture: For the cap, 224J means 224uF, correct? For the resistor (I know the color is not great in the picture) I read: Green red purple gold. But this comes to 520 million ohms +/-5%, which can't be right. Am I...
  18. dizzyorange

    Basshead mod for HD650

    RC in series across the load from L to ground, R to ground.
  19. dizzyorange

    How do you pronounce "the"?

    English is not my native language but I've practiced it enough to the point where most people say I sound like I'm from Ohio (or they're just messing with me). I thought I had pretty much mastered basic pronunciation.. until I came upon this little rule: "The" is pronounced thee before vowels...
  20. dizzyorange

    Question for Watch-Fi members about Panerai 212 Flyback chrono

    I saw a post on the FS forums recently about a member's intention to purchase a Panerai 212 Flyback chrono, which seems to be going for $9000 these days. As an outsider, I'd like to know what makes a watch like this so expensive, and why hobbyists desire it. I'm not asking to ridicule...
  21. dizzyorange

    Best DAC for bassheads?

    Which DACs offer exceptionally deep, strong bass?
  22. dizzyorange

    Edirol UA-1EX

    Does anyone have any experience with this USB unit as a pure USB > SPDIF converter? It is the same price as an M-Audio transit, both with Toslink outs. Both have custom ASIO drivers. Is one better than the other?
  23. dizzyorange

    Any NHL fans?

    Maybe it's too early in the baseball season, but I can't seem to get into these 11-2 Mets games. Anybody into hockey? I was at Game 3 of Rangers-Thrashers at MSG, and WOW what an atmosphere. Never heard that place louder, hockey fans are louder than basketball fans without a doubt!
  24. dizzyorange

    Power supply question

    Can someone explain what 12-0-12 means, and how it is different from a standard 24volt DC adapter? Also, does Elpac (or anyone else) make a high quality adapter that is 12-0-12 and also 3-prong DIN? (for use with an X-Can V3). Thanks for any responses.
  25. dizzyorange

    PK1 vs PK2

    The large volume of positive reviews from respected forum members has me interested, but the difference in price is rather significant. Is the difference between the two just impedance? Has anyone tried hooking the PK2 up with an impedance adapter and comparing the sound to the PK1?