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    Clamping down on trolls

    The offensive and rude behavior on the entire forum is out of control. The F/S forums are being used as auctions. People are name calling and repeatedly attacking others. One haedier that uses the moniker Sumflow, is a nice case in point, please read all his posts. And you'll notice, I had some...
  2. the search never ends

    Phiaton PS320 Impressions

    Impressions of the Phiaton PS320 First, I'd like to thank Phiaton for giving me the chance to post my thoughts on the PS320.   The following is my opinon based on what I prefer and look for in a portable headphone. The unique sound of the PS320 given it's form factor and price range. And the...
  3. the search never ends

    IEM's are my thing

    Hey headfiers, I'm just curious and want to know, if anyone else, like me. Has found themselves so happy with iem's that they just don't want to be bothered with full sized cans any longer. I will always keep 2 sets of cans around. But I have been giving away/selling most of my full sized cans...