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  1. Superbunny

    UE 700 - Comply Foams don't fit?

    I don't like my comply foams. I’m wondering if anyone has tried UE 700 with custom tips? I mean silicone tips that you have to go to an audiologist and order them from a company (westone for instance)
  2. Superbunny

    Bose QC15 vs Audio Technica ATH-M50x?

    Regarding the Bose QC15 my understanding it that an amp makes absolutely no sense because the phones itself has one which makes music and noise canceling waves. Therefore, you would double amp which could change signature but unlikely to change the dynamic because the diaphragm is being moved by...
  3. Superbunny

    Ultrasone Edition 8

    Are the w3000anv discontinued? Where can I find them in US?  Only found w3000x at Amazon.
  4. Superbunny

    Which is the right for me Ed8, T5p or D7100?

    Hi,   I currently own a D2000 and I need a second closed cam and I also want to go high-end/audiophile. I listen to 70s rock and metal (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Rush, Iron, Judas, Sabbath, Motorhead)  and I think the D2000 is good and like its bass punch but I think it is not lively...
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