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  1. konis

    Portapro vs Portapro2

    Is there a difference bewteen the two. Do they have the same drivers? Difference in price is quite dramatic since Portapro cost ~$35 and Portapro2 ~$20.
  2. konis

    Beyerdynamic DTX 20 Opinions

    These really look good on paper and the only place that sell these in US is BHPhoto but its out of stock for some time now. Anyone has experience with these and where to get them?
  3. konis

    ATH-FC7 and Ipod

    I am cosidering getting ATH-FC7, my only consern is that they can drain my Ipod battery fast. Should I just get px100?.
  4. konis

    10$ rebate on Ep-630

    Hi guys, I know that EP-630 are very popular. J&R Music has 10$ mail-in rebate (till April 4) so your final price is $19.99!! That's a great deal. I just ordered mine. Ps. I was reading this forum for few weeks now and finally decided to register. Great forum with tons of info.