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  1. JahJahBinks

    DAC vs AVR, which has better quality?

    Hi everyone, I have been using Yulong D100 DAC with my 2 ch speakers, recently I am upgrading my home theater and want to know how's the sound quality of receivers compare to DAC like the Yulong, so far I am looking at Yamaha A820, A1010, Marantz SR5006, or NR1604. If you know any receiver that...
  2. JahJahBinks

    How to connect computer to AVR?

    I have a Yulong DAC that connects to pc via USB, recently I upgraded my home theater and bought a receiver. Should I connect SPDIF out from motherboard to receiver or get a sound card that has optical out and connect to the receiver? Would a dedicated sound card provide better audio quality?  ...
  3. JahJahBinks

    How to switch from analog setup to digital setup?

    I am current using Yulong D100 DAC with M-Audio BX5a speakers. I am thinking of modifying this setup for movies. So if I change the speakers to a soundbar with digital inputs then I will need to ditch the DAC and connect the soundbar directly to the optical out on the motherboard, right? Is...
  4. JahJahBinks

    Speakers or monitors for audiophile experience?

    Which type of speakers (Hi-fi vs monitor) will give a closer experience of being in a concert hall if a CD of a live recording is being played?
  5. JahJahBinks

    How much improvement for HD600/650 or AKG 701 over Beyer 235?

    I have been using Beyer DT 235 for a year. Recently I bought Yulong D100 DAC (with an internal headphone amp) and was quite satisfied with the sound. I would like to know how much of an improvement would I expect to hear if I upgrade to Sen HD600 or 650 or AKG 701? I listen mostly to Classical...
  6. JahJahBinks

    surround from 2 speakers, What should I use to play?

    I have a video encoded with AC3 sound in 6 channels, how do I get the surround effect from 2 bookshelf speakers?
  7. JahJahBinks

    are all power stripes the same?

    I've got a DAC and a pair of speakers that connect to a $10 power strip with basic surge protection. I have seen some of the more expensive ones that offer 3000+ joules of protection, then when you add a few extra dollars you get something like the Monster Audio HTS 800 which claims to include a...
  8. JahJahBinks

    Any good DAC on sale this time of the year?

    Just saw the XDA-1 on Emotiva is selling for $249. My laptop needs to have a DAC so I am looking for one (preferably less than $300) with USB input. What options do I have and is there any good deals lately?
  9. JahJahBinks

    Looking for a pair of good speakers for my laptop

    Today I saw a deal for M-Audio AV40 for $100, is this the best speaker for this price range? I have a Lenovo laptop (3.5mm output) that I want to connect to a pair of speakers for watching movies (I don't listen to music), would you guys recommend this speakers? Would there be anything better...
  10. JahJahBinks

    A question on power resistor

    Suppose I terminate a differential signal with a resistor that has to carry about 0.1 watt of power but has a worst case power dissipation of 10 watts, and the maximum duration of this occurrance is on the order of microseconds. Is it possible to use a resistor with smaller power rating? How...
  11. JahJahBinks

    Are you naughty?

    Are you naughty?
  12. JahJahBinks

    A few questions on curtain installation

    I started putting curtains behind my windows yesterday and I have a few questions. I noticed the brackets I bought put the curtain pole about 4 inches off the wall, however there are also curtain poles that only extend about 2 inches off the wall. Since I will not have sheer or valance I was...
  13. JahJahBinks

    I just had my wisdom teeth removed

    I just had my widsom teeth removed about an hour ago, I left the doctor's office with some gauze, prescriptions for painkillers, and a sheet for post operative instructions. Woot! how long will anaesthesia last and I also notice my left cheek remains numb while my right cheek is almost...
  14. JahJahBinks

    Mongolian pirate?

    Looks pretty interesting.
  15. JahJahBinks

    Famous quotes by Patrick82

    Can we consolidate all in this thread? I start seeing them in some people's signatures but I want to know the rest.
  16. JahJahBinks

    Here's a fun game for us

    Since people in Head-fi are from all over the world, I am thinking to have a fun game with languages. If you are fluent with a language different than English, post a word in your native language (doesn't have to be long) that you think is most difficult for an English speaking person to...
  17. JahJahBinks

    How to deal with morning frost on windshield

    Now with night temperature approaching freezing, every morning on the way to work involves scraping frost off the windshield, so what can I do to make my life easier?
  18. JahJahBinks

    Some football questions

    I have some questions about american football, i think all you gurus can help me out here. 1. Is holder the easiest position on a team? 2. NFL doesn't draft players for their special team, but some rookie players end up not playing a single game in their first year, so can they request to...
  19. JahJahBinks

    DMA with USB or CF

    Traditionally DMA does not support USB or CompactFlash. Right now I am designing a system that uses USB (or CF) and it needs to consume very light CPU overhead, something like DMA can help. I just want to see if anyone here knows about a solution that can do this type of data transfer.
  20. JahJahBinks

    Xbox 360 Core for $100 Best deal of the year?
  21. JahJahBinks

    Just how dumb are people in this country

    I heard on the news today that a person from Wisconsin tried to use a $20 counterfeit bill to buy cigarettes and beers from a local gas station, but the person ends up facing felony charge because the bill was not made two sided.
  22. JahJahBinks

    Pretty pictures

    I hope this thread can give insipiration to those photographers in Head-Fi:
  23. JahJahBinks

    Do you believe in interracial marriage?

    Vote away! Let's see how people here feel about this issue.
  24. JahJahBinks

    "'To Catch a Predator" on NBC

    So I was watching this show called 'To Catch a Predator' on dateline NBC and I just saw a dude who got caught by surprise. It turns out he is a middle school teacher. Looks like he is not going back to his job.
  25. JahJahBinks

    mirror mirror on the wall...