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  1. 00birdy

    Windows 10 causing Dac/Amp to click on and off with any input

    I just installed windows 10 on my brand new computer, noticed I am having a weird communication issue that I never had on my old computer with windows 7.  my tubedac11 amp/dac makes a switching noise now everytime a new sound is coming through from the video card (connected via opticalout)...
  2. 00birdy

    Manhattan Cables? These look pretty

    I was placing my usual monoprice order, and while doing a quick ebay search to see what's new I found these from They look to have exceptional build quality and are very affordable.  Don't know how the internals are but they look nice.  Has anyone tried them?  
  3. 00birdy

    Schitt Asgard vs. Little Dot MK 3 vs. Aune T1?

    I'm looking for a really nice tube amp (DT 880 Pro 320ohm) and I can't decide on what to get.  I won't be able to hear any of them before purchasing so that's the problem.  I like the looks of the T1 and it seems to very reliable and well built, but there's little comparison information on it...
  4. 00birdy

    Are these fake DT 880s?

    I just got these today from a US seller on ebay, who said they were brand new in box.  He knew his stuff about headphones and seemed trustworthy.  Said he preferred k701s so that's why they were being sold new in box.  they had all the plastic wrapping around the cord so the didn't look tampered...
  5. 00birdy

    z5500 sub magnets near headphones?

    I was thinking of placing a headphone stand ontop my z5500 sub but then remembered about the magnet warning. Would this damage my DT 880 to be a foot away?
  6. 00birdy

    More than 15 posts per page?

    Is there an option to change the amount of posts displayed per page, going through these 100+ page threads is really difficult.  If it is not, please consider an option to give us the choice of something like 50 or 100 posts per page.  If you have slow internet then don't change the setting, but...
  7. 00birdy

    Headphone Stand Picture Thread

    excited about getting my DT 880s and wanted to start a thread for people to share how they display their headphones wether it's with a stand or whatever.  I'm really suprised most of the stuff, even on ebay, is $30+ for such a simple construction.  Post what you got and where you got it...
  8. 00birdy

    Closed full size / $100-200 for mids/highs

    looking at alot of options then decided against them because I don't want a open one... I want a closed full-around the ears headphone (not ears resting on pads).  I listen more to electronic music with an adjusted EQ towards mids/highs, i'm not on huge on bass so the go-to recommendation of the...
  9. 00birdy

    In-Ears $40-$80?

    Looking for something in ear that will give great mids and highs, not a huge fan of booming bass.  I listen to alot of trance/electronic/ etc.  Heres an example if you have no idea. about 90% of the time it will see use on mp3/phone music players...