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  1. ahmadfaizadnan

    Good power conditioner?

    Hi, Amazon has this on sale. I wonder if this is good enough for clean power source...
  2. ahmadfaizadnan

    Schiit Vidar or emotiva basX A-300?

    Hi, I am focusing on stereo channel to power my incoming Wharfedale Diamond 220. Not aiming for mono system for now but read great things about vidar. Is the extra $300 worth the vidar for a stereo system?
  3. ahmadfaizadnan

    Any great bookshelf speaker under $500?

    Hi, As the title says, I am looking for a bookshelf speaker for under $500 (but can go up to $700). music genre: Jazz, orchestra, classical, EDM, pop, electronic. I am looking at these for now Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73, Elac B6 and Boston Acoustic VR-M50 I read only great reviews about them. If...
  4. ahmadfaizadnan

    Better SS amp than EC Black Widow for HD800?

    Hi, I've been reading through numbers of threads and post pretty much the same question to these threads. Just wonder if anyone have any opinion about it here. I've been reading great thing about HD800 pairs with ECBW; thus, I am just wondering if there's any SS amp that is better than the...
  5. ahmadfaizadnan

    xDuoo XD-06: A steroid version of XD-05!?

    A head-fier told me about this and I find it quite interesting. It's like the steroid, desktop version of the xd-05 with balanced output; has anybody tried it? Description XD-06 is a desk-top amp having USB/coaxial/optical DAC+(tube) AMP, and LCD display screen to show play messages. It...
  6. ahmadfaizadnan

    Balanced cable suggestion for T90 (DIY recable)

    Hi DIY head-fiers, As shown in the title, is there any balanced cable suggestion for t90? This is going to be my first recable experience so go easy on me :ksc75smile: