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  1. Saraguie

    Companies that take advantage of audio enthusiasts

    Here's where to gripe about companies.
  2. Saraguie

    Amazon Fire Phone

    Based on Android.......looks decent   But, of course, no mention of which DAC chip is used. I'm going to ask.
  3. Saraguie

    iPod 6th Gen 120 and v2 160 in Shuffle mode

    I've been using a 6th. 120 in my car for about 2-3 years and a 5th 60 for travel for longer, maybe 7-8 years. All the time my iTunes library held between 7-8,000 songs in MP3 format.   I discovered H.F 4 months ago and all hell broke loose. (another story) LOL   Now I use a 6th, v2 160...
  4. Saraguie

    New York Audio Show 2013

    The dates are April 12 - 14 at The New York Palace Hotel Manhattan NY.        If there a Head-Fi get together planned? It will be my first Audio show and I am looking forward to being there.   I think we will see a lot of musicians and people from the music business at the Audio...
  5. Saraguie

    Redesigned Headphones for iPhone 5

    Vietnamese site has posted a video of what it claims to be redesigned headphones for the new iPhone which is expected this month.       Here's the link to the entire story and a video.     Suyama look out!
  6. Saraguie

    Please help identify these clear Shure's

    I've had these for about 10 years. I'd forgotten all about them and have no clue what they are and where I bought them!    I've used them a lot as you can see.