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  1. Maxx134

    Music Master Planar Mod

    This is a quick explanation of a mod on the Chinese headphones from company "Music Master". As you may or may not know, I am an experienced headphone modder, and was curious to see what potential this headphones has. So this headphone was moded to highlight the increased potential of both the...
  2. Maxx134

    Oblivion | UltraSonic Studios

    Oblivion | UltraSonic Studios Builder: @SonicTrance Schematic designer: @MrCurwen Introduction True & ideal hybrid amp. True Implementation of Tubes for voltage, and solid state for current. Truly modern design choices of mating circuit designs like CCS & Gyrators...
  3. Maxx134

    Senn HD800 Ultimate, "Maxx" Mod

    In this thread, we will progress from an hd800, to an HD800S, to extra mods, and finally discussion of my latest mods, the HD800M, & HD800SM... As you may or may not know, I am the only person who "claims" to have corrected ALL the HD800 faults. The issue is, what are the faults? So far, no...
  4. Maxx134

    B&W P5 Mods

    Hello, I am the father of many Headphone mods. I will finally be releasing mods to public every week or so on different headphones. I do not have time to explain or respond right away, but will try my best. Today am going to upload the pics for everyone to mod their P5 into the MOST SLEEK OVER...