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  1. tstarn06

    Monster Turbine Pro Gold $118.95 shipped at newegg (open box)

    Okay, anyone curious get out your wallet... - Open Box: Monster MH TRB-P IE GLD Canal Turbine PRO In-Ear Headphone - Gold
  2. tstarn06

    Attention FutureSonics Shoppers!

    Came today via email... It's BLACK FRIDAY ALL WEEKEND LONG! As a way to say Thank You for your continued support and business throughout this year, we're running a Black Friday promotion all weekend! Just visit our Online store, use the promo code "VIPTHANKS" at checkout and you'll...
  3. tstarn06

    Keep trying Sony

    Sony Online Service to Challenge iTunes? Fat Chance - PC World
  4. tstarn06

    Are my ears deceiving me?

    I posted on this elsewhere (im616 sale thread), and it's no big deal, but it is interesting. I recently got a pair of UM56 custom sleeves for my UM3X, and it's a great combo. But as it turns out, the UM3X also work very, very well with two other much less expensive IEMs, the Klipsch Image S4s...
  5. tstarn06

    Anyone ever hear both the Westone UM3X and the JH5 Pro?

    I own the Westones, and love them. But want to know if anyone has heard both the UM3X and the JH5 Pro. Before taking the custom plunge, I wondered how different the sound sigs might be. I already know getting the higher level JH models would be a step up. Just wondering about the 5s since they...
  6. tstarn06

    In Search of ADDIEM replacement filters, or why I hate Apple

    A cautionary tale ... do not lose the filters on your ADDIEMs (they can become unscrewed and fall out with the tips still on them). It happened to my teenage daughter, who is not too nice to her phones, and this is the result. The Apple In-Ear Dual Driver phones have little silver/metal...
  7. tstarn06

    Weird Westone 3 + Fuze issue

    So today a new Fuze arrived (8GB) and after loading it with tracks, I got out the Westone 3s and plugged them in. Problem is, when the plug is inserted all the way in, the DAP makes a weird e-clicking sound. If I pull the plug lightly, away from the hole, the music plays. But, if I touch it...
  8. tstarn06

    Another new interesting pair in the mid-fi price range

    Well, I once owned the Creative Aurvana in-ear phones (in another life, it seems). Didn't care much for them. Now, Creative has unleashed some new phones, and some hype-filled copywriting. Who will be the first to try them? Not me, not right now. They look like the B&O phones. Creative's past...
  9. tstarn06

    Image X10 (re) appreciation thread

    I owe Klipsch an apology. Not really, but I am doing a flip-flop on their Image X10 dynamic phones. During my search for a pair of keeper dynamic IEMs for my collection, I tried the IE8 (just not my preference, though very nice IEMs), and now the IE7 (and my thinking was? Not sure. They were...
  10. tstarn06

    Phonak Audeo (PFE) Thread

    I realize there is another very long thread out there on the Phonak PFEs, but I figured it would be good to start a thread wherein PFE owners and curious Head-Fi'ers could come to post or read about this great value in quality sound (no, that's not from the marketing brochure). Thanks to...
  11. tstarn06

    Clip and playlist issues

    Anyone have any idea of how to get playlists onto a Clip (8GBm, v2)? I have 5 playlists on WMP11, and I can drag and sync them to the Clip, but the Clip playlist page show as "empty" on the machine (all the tracks are there). I've tried MediaMonkey and Winamp, but I can't seem to get it working...
  12. tstarn06

    Cable problems with X10s

    Some Head-Fiers are having problem with the stress relief area below their X10s drivers, with the cable splitting or something along those lines. Anyone want to check in with their situations? Mine are intact so far, but this sounds like it could be something to worry about over time. My concern...
  13. tstarn06

    Klipsch X10s on sale at Amazon (authorized). $211!

    I got my Klipsch Image X10s at Amazon for a great price a few weeks agp, and they are offering them again. Worth it if you want the best combo of comfort/SQ at this price point. Klipsch IMAGE Noise Isolating Earphone: Electronics
  14. tstarn06

    Rockbox experts/converts: An iPod 5.5g question

    I am considering loading Rockbox on my iPod 5.5g (30GB). Problem is, the machine has a broken HP out (only one channel). I bought a replacement HP part via ebay, but since moving to the LOD/Amp combo, I don't see a reason to even replace the HP out (I will use it mainly around the house, sitting...
  15. tstarn06

    Cost ideas on fixing iPod 5.5g HP out

    My daughter's iPod video 5.5g (30GB) has lost sound in one channel via HP out, and as I suspected, when I hook it up to my MiniboxE+ via my new LOD (thanks Lil Knight) it still sounds great via line out (does this put to rest the notion that the iPod LODs do bypass the HP amp circuitry?). My...
  16. tstarn06

    Anyone familiar with UE customer service?

    I purchased a pair of UE Super.Fi 5s (new version) and I am trying to find out how to return them. Anyone ever deal with UE customer support/service? Their web site is horrible. If you click on get an RMA number, there is a drop down for several models, but not the SF5. Really poor design of...
  17. tstarn06

    SR80 cable is shorting...

    First, does Grado offer a lifetime warranty (can't find their warranty anywhere on their site). Second, if not, is it worth recabling them with a better cable, or is that a wasted effort? Finally, can anyone recommend the best value in a recable. I got them 9-10 years ago as a gift, and the...
  18. tstarn06

    Sansa Clip? Opinions

    My addiction has struck again. I have 8GB, 4GB and 80GB DAPs, but when Amazon sent me a $25 gift cert for using my Amazon VISA, I headed straight for the MP3 section to see what form of DAP I could add to my collection. Debated Creative Stone or Sansa Clip (1GB models), and went with the Clip...
  19. tstarn06

    Imagine the storage possibilities...

    Very cool story out today. Could be one of those Popular Science things you never hear about again, but it this really works out .... Music File Compressed 1,000 Times Smaller Than Mp3
  20. tstarn06

    OK3s: A review...

    ...will be coming soon. I have secured a pair of the new Yuin line today (thanks to Fang at Head-Direct) and I am in the process of trying them out. Have to run out tonight, but will try to post something by tomorrow, with photos. Early mini-review: I have been a Yuin fan, so I hope my early...
  21. tstarn06

    Warning to Zune80 owners

    Well, I now have a 3/4 inch crack in the screen of my Zune80, and I don't even know how it happened. I didn't drop it or anything. There was a tiny scratch in the glass, very small, not even sure how it got there. Tonight, I might have pressed too hard on the glass with my thumb or something...
  22. tstarn06

    Sandisk Sansa e270 6GB Media Player with FM Tuner on Woot for $50

    A pretty good deal at Woot. I picked one up myself, just because the price is so right. If it works well (and sounds great), I may even shed my Sony A816, since the Sansa has both 6GB capacity and SD card slot (I have one in my cell phone I never use). Plus, it has FM radio. At $50 for 6GB (or...
  23. tstarn06

    Amp + A816 a negative?

    I was testing out some combos today, as a favor to a Head-Fier who was concerned about volume with his new Minibox/PK1 setup, and for the first time, I plugged the Sony A816 into my MiniboxE+. I was stunned by the result...the Sony actually sounded cleaner, more clear - in a word, better -...
  24. tstarn06

    PK1s a great match with Sony A8xx

    I usually never plug in the Yuin PK1s without an amp, since they typically need an amp since they are so hard to drive (and an amp really brings out their best SQ). Last night, on a whim, for the first time I plugged the PK1s into the Sony A816 I recently bought, and wow, they sounded pretty...
  25. tstarn06

    Most ridiculous home theater ever? You decide.

    Audio Video Interiors: The Greatest Show on Earth! Be sure to read the post after the story. I don't know what to say, except you've got to be kidding.