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  1. headchange4u

    Amp Stuck In Stand-By. Please help.

    A friend of mine bought a Kinergetics Research CD player, preamp, and amp from Ebay. The seller said that the equipment was bought at an estate sale an that the cables were missing. Once he hooked everything up he found that the power amp would not come out of standby mode. We are assuming...
  2. headchange4u

    Help. Amp Stuck In StandBy

    A friend of mine bought a Kinergetics Research CD player, preamp, and amp from Ebay. The seller said that the equipment was bought at an estate sale an that the cables were missing. Once he hooked everything up he found that the power amp would not come out of standby mode. We are assuming...
  3. headchange4u

    New DIY Switch Mode iPod Charger. Nice.

    I found this today and I thought I would post a link . A DIY iPod charger that runs off 3 AA batteries. Here's the link: Quote: The goal of this project was to build an efficient Altoids tin iPod (firewire) charger that runs on 3...
  4. headchange4u

    TOOL 10,000 Days CD Packaging. Wow

    I would like to get the thoughts of the others here on that cool packaging on the new Tool CD. Have you discovered what the glassses do?
  5. headchange4u

    DIY miniMinty MP3. MP3 player in a Altoids GUM tin!

    I thought this was pretty cool. Check it out: mini Minty MP3 Player Quote: he birth of miniMinty And so it came to pass, with the advent of Limor's Minty MP3 and miniaturization being what it was, that the masses yearned for an MP3 player of more slender dimensions. An iPod...
  6. headchange4u

    GPS For A Laptop. Suggestions?

    I have been entertaining the idea of equipping my laptop with GPS. About the only names I am familiar with in the GPS world are Garmin and Magellan. I noticed while doing research that there a few other brands out there. Do any of you knowledgeable guys and gals use GPS on your laptop? What...
  7. headchange4u

    Just Listened To The New Gomez Single. Nice!

    I just went to the Gomez website and you can listen to the first single "How We Operate" from the upcoming album (May 2006) "How We Operate". I must say that if this track is any indication of what the new album is going to be like, and then Gomez fans are going to be very happy. Gomez is one...
  8. headchange4u

    Best Cable Choice For Koss KSC-35/75 Recable?

    I am getting ready to start modding my Koss headphones-adding a resistor, modding pads, recable, etc... I was wanting to get the opinion of those who have already recabled their Koss. How does the recable influence the sound? I am looking at either using Canare Star Quad, Canare StarQuad...
  9. headchange4u

    POLL: A Sub-Forum for Headphone Modification by model.

    I have a set of Koss KSC-35's on the way, and of course I am going to mod the hell out of them. So I start searching for mods to the KSC35 and there are a lot of threads scattered throughout the forum. It is pretty much the norm to have to sift through tons of posts to find information on...
  10. headchange4u

    Looking For Advice for A New Tent For Camping.

    It won't be long before I start camping and backpacking again and I am in the market for a new tent. I noticed when camping at Edisto Beach this year that my tent has seen it's better days. I could see pinholes of light through the tent fabric. Thank God it didn't rain on me! So anyways, I...
  11. headchange4u

    New SongBird Media Player.

    SongBird Homepage(site was overloaded last time I checked. 02-08-06) Download Mirror From Boing Boing Quote: A team led by ex-Winamp-er Rob Lord today released a preview edition of Songbird, a desktop media player that offers an open source alternative to services like Apple's...
  12. headchange4u

    Portishead - Alien. The fake album.

    Portishead fans may be aware that a few years ago there was album that was going around the underground and bootleg scene that supposed to be a new Portishead album called "Alien". Members of Portishead denied that the album had anything to do with Portishead. This was the statement given by...
  13. headchange4u

    The new Tool DVD singles. Strange.

    I got my copies of the 2 new Tool DVD singles Parabola and Schism, from Amazon today. I true Tool style; these things are weird as hell. Strange art work on the covers and booklets, weird menus, and even stranger material on the DVD. The DVD's are video singles of songs. They also have audio...
  14. headchange4u

    What is the best pad for MS-2i?

    I have a set of MS-2i's on the way. I would like to get an idea of what pads are available and how they influence the sound of these cans.
  15. headchange4u

    Build your own DIY Record Cleaner.

    I saw this on today and I thought I would pass along the information. Quote: Build your own high quality, easy to use record cleaner. This design can be built for less than $50 and will remove at least as much grunge as the expensive VPI record cleaners. The original concept was...
  16. headchange4u

    Disassembled Stock iPod Buds (Pics)

    I have 2 iPods which means I also have 2 sets of stock iPod buds. My wife is using one set with my 4G 20GB iPod. I would like to play around with modding/recabling the other set that I never use. I know that there probably wouldn't be any improvment in recabling, but I still want to do it. I...
  17. headchange4u

    OMG!! The World's Most Powerful Sub! Down to 1Hz!

    Eminent Tech TRW 17 I saw this article yesterday. This is amazing. A sub capable of producing 1Hz FLAT and it looks like a fan.
  18. headchange4u

    Futuresonic FS1's reviewed.

    There is a review of the new Futuresonic FS1'a at iLounge . Sounds like they are Ety's with increased bass. I like that right angle plug. Quote: Many moons ago, we looked at a pair of sub-$200 earphones called EM3s (iLounge rating: B+) from a company called Future Sonics, which we...
  19. headchange4u

    Anyone ever tried/compared Belden vs. Canare Star Quad?

    I was working on an order from and I noticed that Belden also produces a Star Quad cable like Canare. I was wondering if anyone has ever used both and had a chance to compare the two.The Belden cable is .48 per foot and Canare is .36 per foot.Here's some specs: Belden 1192A Star...
  20. headchange4u

    iPod Nano Gutted (Japanese site)

    Someone bought an iPod Nano just to open it up. Site is in Japanese but there are some good pics.
  21. headchange4u

    Marantz TT-15S1 Turntable

    Marantz Japan has annouced the TT-15S1 high end turntable. Here are a few specs I found: From Quote: Marantz JP has announced the sale of the TT-15S1 a very expensive analog turntable. So you can enjoy your records (which belong in museum) in style. The unit will be able in...
  22. headchange4u

    Need help with a simple PCB layout.

    I have ordered several different brands of 68-75 ohm resistors that I am going to test for their sonic differences in the application of a 75ohm conversion cable. I would like to etch my own PCB test board. I just need help in the layout of the PCB. I will be using Switchcraft PCB mount...
  23. headchange4u

    DIY Tube Trap: Acoustic Enhancement

    I found this on the web today. It instructions for building a tube trap which is a type of acoustic treatment. Most traps I have seen are for bass, but it says these help to diffuse high frequency sound into the room. Looks like a fun project. If you look at the pictures of his listening room...
  24. headchange4u

    Tool releasing Lateralus on vinyl! Where to buy?

    I read on Tool's website that they will be releasing Lateralus on vinyl on Agust 23. The was a limited edition release on the website but those are already sold out. I MUST HAVE A COPY OF THIS !!!!!! I have all of Tools other albums on vinyl and I must have this to complete my collection...
  25. headchange4u

    Ety ER-4 w/ Shure Soft Flex Sleeve. Need Help. (Pic)

    I dont know why, but recently my Ety flange tips have been very uncomfortable. I had never had this problem before. I tried both 2 flange and 3 flange, both tips I have used several times before with no problem, but I can't seem to wear them more than 15 mins.. I am using foamies, although I...