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  1. suburbanite

    3-meter / 10-foot IEM Cable

    Hello All, I finally got my hands on some Westone W40's, and I'm enjoying them. These are hardly an obscure set of 'phones, but here's a link anyway. My usage of these is consists of plugging them into a (desktop) computer sitting on the floor under my desk, and with me standing at my desk...
  2. suburbanite

    black USB soundcard for notebook

    By "black," I mean free of any white noise, hissing, static, etc. Listening through EARPHONES ONLY, often through Etymotics, hence the requirement for blackness. Not using headphones at all, so no need to power any high-impedance full size cans. I will be using it with pc windows 7 notebook...
  3. suburbanite

    ER4P > HF5? Are you sure?

    My HF5's are slowly dying so it's time to either replace or upgrade.   I have enjoyed my HF5's because I like fast, precise bass and don't want anything with a "slower" sound.   I seem to like the idea of spending less on their replacements but the lower-tier model, the MC5s, were adjudged...
  4. suburbanite

    HELP- RE-400 Large Tips?

    Just got my RE-400s recently and can't get a good seal with the largest-size double-flange silicone tips that came with them.   I tried some Sony eartips I had from some other earphones, and they're working for now. They're the largest ones you see in the image below, with the turquoise...
  5. suburbanite

    Workplace Earphones w/ Fast, Neutral Sound?

    Looking for earphones to use at work.   Would like these characteristics:   SOUND SIGNATURE "quick" sound- fast attack & decay neutral or close-to-neutral sound ISOLATION low isolation- I want to be able to hear others talking to me CABLE Low microphony 4' cable EAR ELEMENTS...
  6. suburbanite

    Desktop Amp Volume-Controllable through Windows 7

    Hello, I'm listening straight out of my HT Omega eClaro and would like to get an (additional) amplifier but I really like being able to control volume via Windows 7, as I can with my eClaro. Do any desktop amps allow volume to be controllable solely by my eClaro/Windows 7? Put differently, I...
  7. suburbanite

    Please Suggest a Cloud Backup & Synching Service

    Hello,   My music collection now looks like this:       "Multiple Types" consists of a mix of WAVs, MP3s and some FLACs.   I'd like to do one or both of the following: 1. back it up incase my C drive fails 2. back it up and sync it to several computers   Of course, I...
  8. suburbanite

    Walkman Z v. Ipod Touch 4G

    I ask because I'm in the market for a PMP... again.   I would really like to read from someone who's had both and can compare: Sound Equalization features Web browsing     I'd be especially interested if someone can compare or at least opine on IOS Dolphin browser v. Android...
  9. suburbanite

    SF Bay Area Summer Meet?

    Since I missed the February SFBA meet I'm curious if anyone would care to have a meet or a "mini" meet this Summer.   Perhaps August would be good since that would place it 6 months after the February meet.   Do you guys think you'll be too busy at the height of the vacation season for a...
  10. suburbanite

    List of Current Mid-Fi Closed Back Circumaurals?

    This list is intended to be a quick, useful list of closed-back circumaural headphones for those who are in the market and want to know what's out there.   It's not exhaustive and if you know of any that are not on this list, please post and I'll add them when I can.   "Mid-Fi" in this...
  11. suburbanite

    Sennheiser HD 5X8-Series Shorter Cables Available Soon

    Of all places, I was looking here and a Sennheiser rep said... well, see the link.   IMO Sennheiser should've offered this right from the beginning given that the HD 5x8 series comes with a twist-and-pull detachable cable.   A 4' cable with a 3.5mm jack is something Bose got right with...
  12. suburbanite

    Ipod Touch 3G v. 4G SQ

    I'm going to get one of the two and am leaning toward the 3G because all I want is a 64GB DAP but I'm wondering....   Is there any difference in sound quality between the 3G and 4G?   I know the other relevant differences between the two, e.g. screen resolution, cameras, dimensions, etc...
  13. suburbanite

    Cowon J3 v. Walkman Z

    I've predictably run out of space on my Walkman A-Series 16G and am considering the Walkman Z-Series 32G or Cowon J3 32G as a replacement as the 32G and 64G versions of the A-Series seem to be hard to find in non-USA markets.   Thoughts?    
  14. suburbanite

    Isolating Supraaurals like the Porta Pros

    I love my Porta Pros but they're poor in noisy environments so I want a noise-isolating equivalent.   I'm looking for supraaurals with: good noise isolation articulating earpads velour/fabric/foam earpads standard or optional 4' cable 3.5mm jack   I'd go with IEM's but don't...
  15. suburbanite

    Circumaurals Like Porta Pros?

    I'm sure this has been done to death but I don't have much time for wading through archived posts.   I recently bought and tried out the Sennheiser HD 555's and liked the following: small size of earpieces enough bass replaceable ear pads & cable velour ear pads & headband single cable...