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  1. yashicaman

    Cans for under $250 for people especially sensitive to treble?

    Hmmm...cans that handle treble well (not excessive). Try Sennheiser 580, 595, 600. You won't have to amp the 595's. I have a pair and they are well balanced and fizzy treble isn't an issue. Also consider AKG 271s for a good closed pair of cans. Good luck. Cheers, Allan
  2. yashicaman

    I just had a thought... has head-fi left you in debt?

    No. The house payment, the utilities (which keep going up), taxes, and car payments are what keep me in debt. I know better to let my hobbies add to my debt so I'm careful about my spending.
  3. yashicaman

    Let It Snow!

    Many years ago I rented the 1st floor of a house. I had neighbours living on the second floor and they had two kids in diapers. During the winter, there was a lovely box of dirty diapers in a big box on my front porch. Not bad during the 20 below weather, hell when it warmed up. As a songwriter...
  4. yashicaman

    Newbie - First serious cans - money issue - Mostly for Rock music

    Thinking it over, my favourite cans for rock are Grado 325i's. For the lolly, the 225's are probably a better deal (lighter, some say it has a sweeter sound--not as seemingly strident as the 325i's). If you want to cheap out, one other member suggested the SR-60 or the SR-80. I have a pair of...
  5. yashicaman

    Longer School Year Nationwide On The Horizon???

    I don't think that adding to the school year is the solution. A longer school day would be a good idea for several reasons: 1. 45 min to an hour of PT a day would be beneficial. 2. Students might be able to get their homework done and be free in the evening for other activities or just...
  6. yashicaman

    so how do u convince your loved ones?

    I just buy it. I may sell off old gear to pay for new/used. Buying classic gear means that I can unload it at little or no loss. If a loss, I consider that rent. Right now I'm buried in headphones. Soon I'll sell off some of the herd and then buy something that I really want. My last great...
  7. yashicaman

    What headphone will you buy with your tax refund?

    I'm pretty good for headphones right now. Maybe I'll toss the tax refund in the bank (or bury it in my backyard). I might sell off some of the headphones that I'm not using much (i.e., AKG K340's, Beyerdynamics DT770 250 ohm, AKG 701) and buy something nice used, not sure what yet).
  8. yashicaman

    Yuin PK2 (how can it be?)

    I have a pair of the Yuin PK1 and my wife has the PK2. Both are excellent. the PK1 needs to be amped. I find the soundstage to be fine and the overall sound is rockin'. The bass is a bit strong for my taste, but then I've been listening to my music with AKG 271s and 701's. The PK2's are...
  9. yashicaman

    College Acceptance-Fi

    Congrats to all who have been accepted. SUNY Bingingham is quite good. I believe that Immanual Wallerstein teaches there (the big guy behind World Systems Theory). My terminal degree was from The University of Notre Dame (1990). Fine school. I'd recommend it highly for undergraduate or...
  10. yashicaman


    Ah...the demon weed. I used to imbibe. One to two packs a day. Alternated between Camel Filters, Gitane Blonde, Drum or Samson Dutch shag rolling tobacco, Dunhills, Rothman's International, Players Melange, Players regular or light, Black Cat corks, and whatever else I could get my hands on...
  11. yashicaman

    Maybe Time For Some New Headphones?

    If you are into amping (more than the Fii0 E5--which is really neat, I got one for my Grado 325i's and Yuin PK1 ear buds), the Senn 600 would be good. Having oodles of headphones, I really find that I listen to my Grado SR 325i the most. At work, AKG 701. I do listen occassionally to a pair of...
  12. yashicaman

    Headphones for classical?

    I've used my Grado SR-60 for virtually everything, until I upgraded. You can't go wrong for 70 bucks. For classical, I now use my AKG 271s (good deals for it is you look and for the newer versions). But with your budget, get the Grado 60's and call it a day. The 80's are okay too. Maybe a pair...
  13. yashicaman

    Good amp for the SR225's

    Why not go for the Fii0 E5? Cheap. Rechargeable. Loudness function if you think you need it. Cute. And disposable (can't change out the battery, but it is cheap). I like mine. I use it with my Grado 325i (sometimes), but mostly with my Yuin PK1's. Cheers.
  14. yashicaman

    Single most expensive piece of audio equipment you own?

    I have a Philips LHH1000 cd player (2 box system--separate transport and dac each weighitng 30 lbs). It's price in 1988 was $4,000.00 US. Only 500 were made in the Marantz factory in Japan. Design by Ken Ishiwata, I think. Some were sold as the Marantz 12 LE. The Philips LHH1000 is a rebadged...
  15. yashicaman

    Blowing My Nose Improve SQ

    Not only does blowing one's nose accentuate SQ, but it gets even better after a great big beltch, burp and fart. Seriously, clearing one's sinuses is brilliant before a listening session. Hi ho!
  16. yashicaman

    What are your favorite UNAMPED full-size phones?

    Grado SR-60. Sennheiser HD-595 Yuin Pk-2 I have all of these. My favourite is the Grado SR-60. My Grado SR-325i is okay unamped. Better amped. For the price the SR-60's are tops.
  17. yashicaman

    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

    Pale Rider, Cleveland Brewing Company is brilliant. I like the Edmund Fitzgerald, the Blackout Stout, the Dortmunder Gold, the Eliot Ness, etc. In Pittsburgh we have the Church Brewworks. Excellent stuff, I like the Pipe Organ Ale. But it's all good. I live right between Cleveland and...
  18. yashicaman

    Have You Ever Accidentally Stepped On a Cockroach?

    Cockroaches! Paris in my apartment. His name was Pierre. I had hired him to keep the other cockroaches out of my room and kitchen. Sadly, to say I accidently stepped on him. And thousands of cockroaches showed up at his funeral. I stepped on those mourners on purpose. I'm not a big cockroach...
  19. yashicaman

    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

    Beer is good. Lots of beer is better. Beer is the breakfast of champions. Beef makes you smart! How do I know? It made Budweiser. I like beer. I like ale. I like stout. I like lager. I like pilsner. I like porter. My favourite is Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. One brewer that is good fun...
  20. yashicaman

    You know you're an audiophile when....

    You know you're an audiophile when you discover that when you buy audio magazines you rush home and drool over the centerfolds.
  21. yashicaman

    What's Your New Years Resolution?

    The typical: lose some weight, exercise more, buy another pair of headphones, play guitar more, write a book, be a better person, give up cheap Scotch for decent single malt, and eat more fish. That pretty much sums it up.
  22. yashicaman

    Obscure songs that blew you away

    "Journey of the Sorcerer" by The Eagles from the album, One of These Nights. This was used as the theme song for the BBC series, Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. Terrific song.
  23. yashicaman

    Band Name Game!

    (The) Lemonheads