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  1. psyco1 5 Pro + P to S adapter?

    I've been toying with the idea of getting a 5pro but was concerned about the "sometimes too much" bass, especially after having the ER-4p and was wondering if anyone had tried the P to S adapter to adjust the sound, and if so, how did it change?
  2. psyco1

    Free music--It's ok, it's open source

    I stumbled upon this link on another forum. It's a website dedicated to compiling open source media, that is; anything that's not tied to copyright laws. There are movies like Night of the Living Dead and His Girl Friday, Live recordings from ...And You Will Know Us From The Trail Of Dead and...
  3. psyco1

    Anyone try the Sony XD100 yet?

    I've been looking at this for a friend's kid's comp phone, and as she doesn't want to spend a lot of money, I was wondering if it was worth the $40 from audiocubes. Or should I just go and get a $20 set of ksc-75 from Meijer?
  4. psyco1

    Make your own mp3 player

    *disclaimer* I did a search and I couln't find this anywhere, so if it's already posted, I apologize. Who the hell need Apple or Iriver now? Quote: The Minty MP3 player can be built from parts that are sold at Ye Olde...
  5. psyco1

    Would you turn down a free AKG 240s?

    My son did. I thought I'd get my kids birthday presents while on vacation in NYC last week, so we went to J&R electronics for my youngest's: a Canon A60 digicam. Not a bad haul for a 12 year old. Now my 14 year old plays a lot of Unreal Tournament online and has my old POS Sony no bass...
  6. psyco1

    Difference between the SR-125 & 225

    I've got the 125/senn pad and it's a great rock phone, and heard the 225 a long time ago. I was wondering from those that have heard the two side by side what the sonic differences are and if it's worth the extra money to go to the 225.
  7. psyco1

    A pill for hearing loss? " STARTING IN a few months, a group of 600 Marines at Camp Pendleton in California will face rifle training with not only foam plugs in their ears, but also a drink that tastes very much like Wild Berry Zinger herbal tea. They’ll take it with...
  8. psyco1

    Something for ipod haters....and lovers too.

    Some of the guys at Something Awful decided to have a little fun at the new ipod ad's expense. Remember, it's called Something Awful for a reason.
  9. psyco1

    Fixup ER-4P to S adapter vs. Ety's P to S cable

    I was wondering if anyone has heard both the Fixup ER-4P to S adapter and the Etymotic P to S cable. If so, are there any differences in the sound between the two?
  10. psyco1

    What was the Grado lineup when Joe was in charge?

    I've read about the HP-1 & HP-2, but that's about all I've heard about, like the thread title says, what other models did they have when Joe was running things?
  11. psyco1

    Foobar now has skins

    Thought the foobar users would like this, did a search and didn't find anything.
  12. psyco1

    Op Amp history

    Thought some DIY'ers might like this. If it'a repost, then disregard.