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  1. ValentinHogea

    Referencesounds/LFF's modded HE-5 >Code-X< thread

    Ok...   A long kept secret has finally been released. As the Paradox fanboy I am... I own #001.   What can I say. Luis has done it again. Amazing soundstage, detail, percieved as flat frequecy response. Tight and deep bass. Mids and voices are to die for. Sparkly treble without harshness...
  2. ValentinHogea

    The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

    The cable discussions derailed the previous thread, so hopefully we can behave a bit and keep them in the Sound Science-category. Thx   ---   Some existing threads summarized The closed HD800 Appreciation Thread:   AMP /...
  3. ValentinHogea

    Transportable/battery-driven high-end amplifiers

    After meticulous searches I don't seem to find a specific thread for this subject...   Background:   Most can agree that battery-powered electronics removes a lot of problems related PSU's in amplifiers. Some of us still want to be able to move our rig. I know the majority doesn't...
  4. ValentinHogea

    Speaker terminals to 1/4" TRS/4-pin XLR out AND Speaker terminals out. What to buy?

    I've been lurking and searching around like a nut for a product that sits my needs...   I want to be able to hook up my power amp into a box (with banana plugs), have a 1/4" TRS and/or 4-pin XLR out + passive speaker terminals out to connect to my full-size speakers...   So far I've only...
  5. ValentinHogea

    Looking for a good "hardware" EQ with Dual 10-12 bands and a good S/N-ratio

    Hi!   As the title states, I'm in the search of a good hardware EQ to put between my USB-DAC and my headphone-amp.   The price would be somewhere between 200-500 USD. So far I've found "Technical Pro" as a brand, but they only offer aprox 80 dB S/N.   Any tips? Would be kindly...
  6. ValentinHogea

    Where can I find cheap but "good" interconnects for iDevice to CLAS to The Continental?

    Hi guys!   I searched quite thoroughly without finding an answer. But the truth is out there... ;)   I'm building up a "transportable" rig with an iDevice to CLAS to The Continental, and I find it quite "unccessary" to pay 250 USD for ALO Audio-"bling". That doesn't mean that I'm...