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  1. dscythe

    DAC Questions

    Hey guys, ive just got a couple of questions about possibly adding a DAC to my home setup, ive searched a bit through the forums but all of the threads i see are people going from right out of their computers to looking at DACs. I'm having trouble trying to figure out if adding a DAC will...
  2. dscythe

    Grado 225i with E7/E9 combo?

    Hey guys, have anyone ever run a pair of Grados through an E7/E9 combo? If so how does it sound compared to unamped? Thanks
  3. dscythe

    AKG K702's with a guitar effects pedal?

    Hey guys, I have a rather odd question to ask, and since i couldn't find anything similar threads I thought I'd make one. My question is how do you guys think the K702's will sound plugged into the effects pedal? Do you think they'll just sound like an unamped pair or do you think the pedal will...