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  1. HeadphoneAddict

    REVIEW - CEntrance Cerene dB closed portable studio monitor headphone

    I wanted to make note of my impressions of the CEntrance Cerene dB headphones that I bought with my own money this past September ,with the discounted pre-orders - through a miscommunication I got tracking in September and they didn't ship until the end of October. I have been enjoying them a...
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    Review of Westone Bluetooth V2 cable with aptX HD vs Westone Bluetooth V1 cable with aptX

    Review of Westone Bluetooth V2 cable with aptX HD vs original Westone Bluetooth V1 cable with aptX. Wireless headphones became a major topic when Apple discontinued the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and 7+, in order to gain new water resistance ratings. They used the excuse that the loss was...
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    REVIEW - Encore mDAC portable headphone DAC/amp with 24bit/96kHz USB input - for Mac/PC, iPhone with Camera Connection Kit, and Android - 2 THUMBS UP

    ENCORE mDAC REVIEW   WEBSITE       I HOPE TO ADD PHOTOS FOR SIZE COMPARISONS SOON:   MANUFACTURE INFO   * High performance Digital-to-Analog converter with headphone amplifier turns your smart phone or tablet into a...
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    REVIEW - HiFiMan HE-560 Planar Magnetic Headphones - Stock Headphone Impressions here, No Mods other than cables (Review in Progress)

    I started a new impressions thread for the stock headphones (with original or replacement cables) because the thread that jerg started has become more technical and focuses on modified headphones.   This is a review in progress. I will update this post or the second post in this thread as I...
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    Review AudioMinor Copper and Silver wire braided Line Out Dock for iPhone, iPad and iPod

    Here is my review the AudioMinor Copper + Silver wire braided LOD cable for all iDevices.   Click Image to View Larger Size   WHY NOW:  I have a habit of only reviewing gear that I like, or have a use for.  After my CablePro Reverie and EarCandy Lite line out dock (LOD) review over...
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    Mini-Review: Nuforce NE-770X and NE-600 budget earphones

      First Impressions of Nuforce NE-770X and NE-600X:   Please be sure to see my NE-700X review at and my      Nuforce NE-7M review...
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    Review and discussions - Audioengine D1 24/96 USB and Optical DAC/amp for laptops and computers

    I've been working on a review of the Audioengine D1 that I picked up at RMAF, for which I'll post most of it now.  I'll add to this later when I am completely done, and also post it in the review section at that time.  I felt bad for taking this long to get any impressions posted, so I wanted to...
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    How do we edit our signature?

    My signature needs to be updated and I can't find the settings anywhere. Can someone point me to the right place?
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    Cannot reply to PM with an iPad

    So, I typed a reply to a PM that I was sent, and when I tap on the "Reply" button nothing happens. It took a few double taps to hi-light my reply and copy it, but I can not paste that into a new PM with iPad.
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    Review: Westone 2 Universal IEM

    I've had a long history of infatuation with IEMs and earphones, and while I am happy with the high-end universal and custom IEM that I currently own, I am always interested in new models that come out and with trying out new gear. For over a year I have had an infatuation with my Westone 3 with...
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    Review: CablePro Reverie and Earcandy Lite 90 degree low profile iPod LOD

    I've had the pleasure of listening to two of Ted's new 90 degree LOD from The CablePro, and I am posting my thoughts here in case it helps anyone looking for a new LOD. In my case, I was interested in the 90 degree low profile LOD for when I receive my Pico Slim soon, and to use with my iBasso...
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    Review: Sennheiser HD800 - no surprises here, but feel free to check it out

    With great anticipation I received my Sennheiser HD800 at the end of May at CanJam 2009 in LA, when they were first released. I wanted them so badly after pre-ordering them almost 5 months earlier that I convinced myself that I could afford to fly out to CanJam to pick them up, and I brought my...
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    Mini-Review: iBasso T3 portable amp

    There have been a few people asking about the iBasso T3, which I bought at the same time as my iBasso D4. I gave it 250 hours of un-monitored burn-in, but it sounded fine right out of the box. Most of the time it is used with my 5G Nano or my 5.5G iMod, via Piccolino wire LOD that stevenkelby...
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    REVIEW: Lawton Audio LA7000 (formerly "markl Mods") - modded Denon D7000

    In this review I will cover the Lawton Audio LA7000 headphones which I have had on loan for the past two weeks. You can find more details at their website at: LA7000 Music used: Eva Cassidy "Live at Blues Alley", Diana Krall "Live in Paris", Arvo Part "Tabula Rassa", Jack Johnson "On and...
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    REVIEW: HiFiMan EF2 tube Hybrid Amp with USB DAC

    Sources: Macbook Pro with Pico USB DAC-0nly, and with EF2 built-in USB DAC. Music: Apple Lossless rips of Mark Isham + Kate Ceberano "Bittersweet", John H. Clark "Acoustik Guitar", Shelby Lynn "Just a Little Lovin", Jack Johnson "Sleep Through the Static" and "On and On", Arvo Part "Tabula...
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    Mini-Review Sarn-Industries iPod iPhone Line Out Docks LOD

    I have spent a week listening to various sample LOD from SARN-Industries | Welcome (-=Germania=-). Any of their LOD cables can be made to custom lengths, and -=Germania=- just sent me a wide variety of samples, where some were very short and some a bit longer. The only LOD that I have in my...
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    Amphora Headphone Amp Impressions

    I CONSOLIDATED ALL MY IMPRESSIONS OVER A THE WEEKS INTO THE FIRST POST, TO MAKE IT EASIER TO SEE ALL MY THOUGHTS IN ONE POST: I have had another head-fier's Amphora arrive today, while he is in Iraq serving our country. It is my job to do the burn-in, listen to it, and let some other local...
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    REVIEW: Head-Direct RE2 IEM and Fiio E5 amp

    I've had many people ask me about the best IEM value in the $50 category after I posted my review of the Nuforce NE-7M, especially by those asking about the Head-Direct RE2. So I set out to acquire a pair of RE2 to review and become more informed about other options in this price range. In that...
  19. HeadphoneAddict

    Disaster strikes my HD600

    Anyone want to help me figure out what to do next to get these repaired? I had them resting over the arm of my arm chair overnight, after reporting on how they sounded with the iBasso D10 last night, and I sat down to listen to them again just now and found them broken like this. The arm...
  20. HeadphoneAddict

    Caution Flyers - Almost bought myself a strip-search

    So, I'm leaving Maui and going through the xray portion of the invasion of privacy, and I'm pulled off to the side and they want to inspect my 20lb backpack, which has 3 headphone amps, 4 ipods and tons of cables, chargers and headphones/earphones, gum, batteries, sunglasses, cameras, ipod...
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    DLO HomeDock HD - Appreciation Thread. Finally got one in my grubby little hands!

    I finally got my DLO HomeDock HD today. I was excited to get one because I already have a DLO HomeDock Deluxe that works well with my bedroom TV, and I wanted the upgraded compact dock with HDMI and Optical Digital Output. The Wadia was just too big for my needs. I will write up my...
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    MINI-REVIEW of Single Power Square Wave XL Balanced (vs Melos SHA Gold and Zana Deux)

    I recently acquired the final production Square Wave XL Balanced amp (SPSQW), which Mikhail sold to me at the Colorado Head-Fi meet on 7/26/08. This Square Wave XL is a fully discrete 8-channel balanced-output amp, and it has been a great pleasure to get to know it better, as I fell in love...
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    Apogee mini-DAC vs Apogee Duet - the shootout begins.

    See the full review here, as part of a mini-meet report: I have to say that the Apogee mini-DAC is probably my most important piece of audio gear in my home. As my primary source it forms the foundation of everything I hear, and as they...
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    Colorado Springs 7/13/08 Mini-Meet Report! Apogee mini-DAC vs Duet shootout, HE60/HEV70 vs HP-1000 vs PS-1 and more!

    Colorado Springs 7/13/08 Mini-Meet Report! Blutarsky and I got together for a mini-meet two weekends ago, and we wanted to write up our thoughts on the various equipment we listened to. We mostly listened to portable amps with a variety of headphones, and to both Apogee DAC products - the...
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    REVIEW: Travagans "Green", "Red" and "White" with "Colors" thrown in for good measure. Update: Travagans Black

    I recently had the opportunity to review several new offerings by Travagans, whose online webstore can be found at Index-Travagan's shop Travagans is a very young company specialized in professional audio products design. The company has been established for less than a year, and my contact...