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  1. jcx

    Rising cost of "audiophile" equipment and importance of bias/blind testing

    not my experience - I was "lawyered" out of a technical response to another poster's question in an "impressions" thread on the technical grounds that I may not own the product - when I never impled the answer was specific to the product   as far I could tell a significant fraction of the...
  2. jcx

    What wire gauge to use when making cables for IEMS?

    26 gage for iem?   no one ever heard mechanical stiffness, microphonics from the wire weighting, tugging the iem in your ear?   or the silly flex catching dragging on clothes, sending vibrations up the wire?   might as well try one of the paralleled CAT 5 diy speaker cable formulas for...
  3. jcx

    comparing live and recorded music

    I hoped you would find it more useful - at the very least it should show the methods needed to make repeatable, usable hearing discrimination's that can inform Psychoacoustics models at the level serious professional researchers fare currently engaged with   Quote:   again you do seem to...
  4. jcx

    comparing live and recorded music

    didn't read the reference yet did you?  
  5. jcx

    On High-Fidelity and Equalizing (rant...sort of)

    actually "you're wrong, but I don't have to provide any reasoning" is pretty much antithetical to this forum, and so far you sound like you are arguing from your personal "authority" since you don't expand on your objections   a few of us have used DSP, written algorithms, implemented filters...
  6. jcx

    digital theory versus reality

    I don't know if this might help johncarm   hmm linking weird/broken, but the top level is a great plce to start anyway   Slides from the AES convention in Banff on intermodulation distortion in loudspeakers and its relationship to "high definition" audio.
  7. jcx

    comparing live and recorded music

    big touring Rock bands are another case - standing, playing in front of literally deafening speaker stacks everyone on stage has isolating iem with their own monitoring feeds from the mixing board - and those aren't what's being sent to the speakers, audience   and neither is what is used to...
  8. jcx

    Equalization - capabilities and limitations

    I've mentioned some "EQ" options a few times:
  9. jcx

    is this really a problem with blind tests?

    there are a few published reports - but as far as I know not replicated, not generally accepted   Kunchur, Oohashi both claim it required a minute or so for their subjects to respond to some "conventionally ultrasonic" content   there...
  10. jcx

    is this really a problem with blind tests?

    not stupid - just not useful - infinite "theorizing" is possible - falsifiable propositions testing/distinguishing specific hypothesis allow advance   sometimes accumulation of data/observations lead to hypothesis - but the real test is whether the hypothesis predicts results of new...
  11. jcx

    How do you explain the phenomenon when you first can't hear the difference but you can later?

    there is learning, you can train - and you should have objective scoring, immediate feedback to prevent building imaginary correlations   the Harmon Golden Ears testing did just that   some things have been positively heard as different in ABX by looking at the statistics even when the...
  12. jcx

    How do you explain the phenomenon when you first can't hear the difference but you can later?

    no one familiar with psychoacoustics and professional audio denies there is learning, and training can make this faster - without references and regularly doing controlled listening however you can easily build a house of cards rather than objective skill       responsible pro mixing...
  13. jcx

    Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

    Yes the math is clear, of course the practical limits will still include finite wordlength arithmetic but nowadays is 32 or 64 bits   And yes the "infinite" doesn't really apply when the real world audio signals already have noise floors above most better studio ADC converting the signal from...
  14. jcx

    Sound differences of Dynamic and Planar headphones

    frequency response does appear to be the 1st order audible difference, can be EQ'd to a degree - probably beyond many head-fier's expectations   Smyth sells the complete system with in ear microphones for this       a much older, cruder study of...
  15. jcx

    Neutral reference sound

    just not in commercial music production -
  16. jcx

    Blind Testing (O/T conversation moved from HD600 thread)

    the 1st order difference between amps that do actually sound different in controlled listening is frequency response - both of the raw amp and as mentioned form higher output Z interacting with loads that aren't flat Z with frequency - like most headphones except Orthos   and a fact some may...
  17. jcx

    New Schiit! Ragnarok and Yggdrasil

    yes, people consuming  technology with a century deep history across many Scientific and Technology disciplines  that want to ignore all of the engineering and controlled listening tests that make up Psychoacoustics, recording tech from mic to physical acoustics of rooms, performance spaces, to...
  18. jcx

    How is Soundstage Simulated WIth IEM's?

    the conventional models of hearing directivity include the shading, diffraction of the head and outer ears affecting the relative amplitude response differently at each ear for a localized point source   another couple of additional abilities of human hearing known to Psychoacostics, and most...
  19. jcx

    Loudspeakers vs headphones

    both articles seem to highly endorse the SVS Realizer results   the dynamics difference comments are interesting too - the supplied Stax ES headphones will be much more linear over all volume ranges up to clipping than almost any dynamic loudspeaker   so if dynamics in loudspeakers are at...
  20. jcx

    Loudspeakers vs headphones

    the Smyth SVS Realizer was mentioned a few years earlier in this thread - I think it should be brought up again both as a worthy product and as an intellectual point about how to bridge the difference between headphone and loudspeaker/room sound
  21. jcx

    What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

    there is also a fair bit known about Psychoacoustics - not to the level of predicting musical enjoyment, emotional response - but enough to pare down some speculations, make certain patterns of reasoning more plausible, others appear less useful   as an example of what I consider "reasonable...
  22. jcx

    What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

    "arguments with some reasoning" is not an attack on anyone - there are many ways to enjoy music listening, and many motivations for cutting that short by hanging here on a forum talking with a broad spectrum of people generally interested in related subjects     I respect Mike enough to not...
  23. jcx

    What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

    jeez now I'm really confused, "those Objectivists" infuriate because they say much of reported perception of music listening, especially "audiophile reviewer" style comments about which equipment feature or failing is causing what "sound" is subject to lots of internal neural state?  ...
  24. jcx

    Audeze LCD-4

      I think the fit of the pads, depending on the construction is an agreed "break in" phenomena - beyond that its not so clear:   Quote: [bold added to tyll's conclusion]
  25. jcx

    What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

      rather odd considering your interaction with me - when I have repeatedly said I am only arguing ideas, reasoning   are you honestly saying your comments below aren't calculated to be personally disparaging, dismissive - I see the below as ad hominem   any can go back in the thread and see...