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  1. alejenda12

    Portable Speakers for Travel?

    I use Saitech A-200 and carry it wherever i go. Perfect choice. Also read travelling tips on Elucid Gent for more information 
  2. alejenda12

    Need recommendations for a web host.

    well i am no expert in hosting. but i would suggest the service i got, i like their service because they also offered me a webmaster program where you can hire a webmaster to maintain your website. that way you don't have to do anything yet they update and add pages when required. below is a...
  3. alejenda12

    What song drops the deepest bass?

    i really liked save the world by swedish house mafia. but not the original song though
  4. alejenda12

    Your favorite guitar solos?

    this is the best Guitar solo i have heard   
  5. alejenda12

    Asian music (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

    well nowadays gangnam style is rocking the whole world . asian music is good. specially indian music
  6. alejenda12

    Electronic Music Exchange (House, DnB, Dubstep, etc.)

    can anyone help me with this. i need a huge list of electronic songs downloaded. if anyone can refer me a torrent. it'd be my pleasure 
  7. alejenda12

    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    I just love listening   Alicia keys - New york MJ - you are not alone Swedish house mafia - save the world
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