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  1. OlManRivah

    How has your musical taste changes as you grow older?

    Quote: Originally Posted by bigshot Could you recommend some Bluegrass? Thanks Steve Try anything by The Osborne Brothers. They are not as generic as Bill Monroe and not as modernized as Alison krauss. They, IMHO, illustrate the true essence of Bluegrass in both lyrics and...
  2. OlManRivah

    How has your musical taste changes as you grow older?

    I came up through the 50's loving Rock and Roll. Favorite > Come Go With me - The Del Vikings I have since enjoyed various types through the years. Rock, Folk, Doo Wop, Country, Blue Grass, Big Band, Barbershop, even some Shaka Zulu. No hard Rock, Hip Hop, Rap. I now still like the 50's and...
  3. OlManRivah

    If you had to recommend only one album?

    Chuck Berry - The Great Twenty Eight
  4. OlManRivah

    songs that evoke emotion enough to pull tears from your eyes?

    Ebony Eyes - The Everly Brothers
  5. OlManRivah

    PCDPs with silent background headphone-out?

    I have the DNE920 and it is quiet also. Using HD595, HD201, Koss Portapro, and generic Sony Cans. I suspect this is a benefit of digital amps. I have not tried any MP3's, only commerciial CD's. If I had heard any noise, hum, etc., it would have been returned.
  6. OlManRivah

    Iaudio 5 player + Shure E4 = Sweet!

    I run the portapros on my 2gb Iaudio 5. Sounds great. I seldom have to use the equalizer, but, do sometimes when the track needs some tweakin'.
  7. OlManRivah

    Suggest some great sounding ROCK CDs (pref. Live)

    Quote: Originally Posted by kramer5150 does it have to be a CD? I buy live DVDs and extract the audio at 320 mp3... I cant afford both the CD and DVD. John Fogerty, Premonition (DVD) Oh yes......The CCR with Kenny on the drums......
  8. OlManRivah

    I need help finding a song. Please help me.

    Sounds like me. Heard a song a few times on the radio. Didn't catch the artist or title. They don't play it anymore and I can't find it anywhere. Don't know enough of the lyrics to guide anyone either. I'll just keep serching.........
  9. OlManRivah

    Great crooners of our time?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Tech2 Are there any others, or are we witnessing the passing of an era only to be enjoyed through recordings? Very few. Maybe in the Country genre with George Jones or Don Williams.
  10. OlManRivah

    2GB+ Flash Players?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Osaire I dislike the 480 file limit on iAudio 5 players. With a firmware patch they've got it up to 650 files. Another great feature, the firmware upgrades.
  11. OlManRivah

    Suggest a decent portable Equalizer?

    IMHO, For portability it's best to have the equalizer built into the portable such as the new Sony's DCDP's and the Iaudio 5 DAP. They provide adjustable equalization, not just presets.
  12. OlManRivah

    Just realized how much PCDPs pwn MP3Ps

    DAP+(USB Cord)+PC+CD+MP3+X+y-PC-(USB Cord) = DCDP+CD MP3(Z)<CD(Z) DCDP>DAP X=Conversion time Y=Download time Z=Quality of Sound
  13. OlManRivah

    Just got the 201

    re-ordered mine today from Amazon. Ecost has had them on backorder. How comfortable are they?
  14. OlManRivah

    Line out jack saver

    Has anyone seen any quality commercial made jack saving cords? These are like extension cords, 6-12" long that you plug into the jack instead of directly plugging your amp, Cans, FM modulators, etc. into the jack to take the pressure and abuse off of the jack. You plug your device into the cord...
  15. OlManRivah

    Have DAP still need DCDP

    Quote: Originally Posted by OlManRivah What's now considered the Kick Ass DCDP? Have narrowed it down to the Sony DNE520 or DNE920 1) Best equalizer available 2) Line out option 3) remote 4) MP3 (cd-r/rw)
  16. OlManRivah

    MP3 CD Player Recommendations

    Quote: Originally Posted by crazychimp132 Please recommend an MP3 CD Player for me. The following are what I care about: 1. Line out 2. Good sound quality 3. Price below $100 Obviously there are other things to consider as well but these are my top three concerns. Thanks for any...
  17. OlManRivah

    EQ usage. Yes or No?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Lithos I only use an equalizer when I feel that the music is lacking something That's what an equalizer does best....... It's easier to boost 1 or 2 bands than lower 14 (mine has 16). So folks get into a bad habit. Or using the presets.
  18. OlManRivah

    where to buy HD201 ?

    Ecost advertising HD201's for $15.95 but are on backorder. Losing my respect for Ecost.
  19. OlManRivah

    Best Portable Cans for $50???

    The Portapros are really nice Cans. 1) Sound great - not many folks don't like them 2) Fold up - Fold into a small package for portability 3) Rugged construction 4) Price OK
  20. OlManRivah

    Is there two version of hd595???

    When I recently received mine it stated 50 ohm on the box. Last time I checked the HD595 specs on the Senn site, they list them at 120 ohm. It is strange for a quality manufacturer to be so un-professional. Just what did they change to achieve 50 ohm from 120 ohm and why the change. A...
  21. OlManRivah

    HD595 Owners

    As I continue to learn more and more about my new HD595 Cans, I come to the realization that these Cans reproduce exactly what is supplied to them. Since they are not bass emphasizing, they do not cover up any of the lower mid range frequencies. If you are listening to tracks from a tape...
  22. OlManRivah

    Sennheiser HD201

    Well, my Ecost order for the HD201 Cans has just gone on backorder. They may be junk (sic) but, they are popular.......
  23. OlManRivah

    Test track needed

    Quote: Originally Posted by gshan Check this thread in the music section out: Very interesting thread. I've downloaded all his suggestions and am testing now. I don't think that many tracks are necessary. One, good...
  24. OlManRivah

    HD595 Owners

    Quote: Originally Posted by fr4c the treble settled down a bit, but now seems overshadowed by everything else. IMO, the response are too unbalanced for any orchestral or vocal pieces. I too have the 50_Ohm set. Your description doesn't match mine at all. Quote...
  25. OlManRivah

    HD595 Owners

    Recieved my New HD595's today. 1st Impressions: 1. Nice looking 2. Quality built. Comes with intuitive headset holder. 3. Really comfortable. Tight fit, stay where they're put. A little warm feeling, but not hot. 4. Nice sound. They produce what's fed into them. If the recording has little...