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  1. cardboardhome

    Best Sub $150 IEMS?

    My brother had a pair of Monster Turbine Copper Pro's but they broke and at that point Monster no longer made them and claimed that they could only replace them with another line of IEMS which were far inferior. Consequently, I am now looking to buy a pair of IEMS and want to spend around $100...
  2. cardboardhome

    Best Speakers for $50?

    I currently have the creative inspire t3000 speakers and find them more than satisfactory for my needs. Now I know they obviously aren't the best speakers out there, but they sound great to my ears. I am looking to get another pair of speakers for my computer and would like to spend around the...
  3. cardboardhome

    Speakers or Headphones?

    I have a pair of ath-cks77's and I was considering buying either a pair of headphones (ath-m50) or speakers. I really like the sound of my computer speakers and the sound of the speakers in my car compared to my IEMS. Obviously a large part of this may be due to the fact that my speakers are...
  4. cardboardhome

    What headphones can you make CIEMS out of?

    Basically what I'm trying to figure out is how you tell whether or not a pair of IEMS can be turned into a pair of Customs. I don't think it's possible with the ones I'm trying to use (monster turbines), but I thought i'd ask regardless. Thanks guys, I know it's a rather basic question. 
  5. cardboardhome

    RE0 vs Monster Turbines

    I had a pair of refurbished monster turbines (the cable started having issues), and am looking to get the re0s. I was wondering, how big is the difference between the re0s and the turbines. Also, feel free to give suggestions on other headphones. I mainly listen to Post Hardcore, Punk, and Rock...
  6. cardboardhome

    Audio Technica Ath-m50 Deal?

    I'm trying to buy a pair of ath-m50 for $100 or less since I saw some posts from a year ago on this forum about how they were selling for $80-90 dollars. Do you guys know any place that sells them that price, or somewhere that I could offer for that price? If not, what is a reasonable price to...
  7. cardboardhome 10 vs ath-m50 vs re-zero vs creative aurvana lives

    I have $100 to spend and am comparing: triplefi 10 (might be too expensive for me) re-zero (currently someone is willing to sell for $75) ath-m50 (around $110) Creative Aurvana lives ($60, I would wait until the price drops)   I am looking at portability a bit, so that's why I'm...
  8. cardboardhome

    Good Headphones vs Bad Ones?

    I know this is going to sound rather idiotic, but when I listen to rather low end headphones, such as the headphones included when you buy a mp3 or a phone, and compare them to somewhat higher end headphones, monster turbines (refurb), I can't really tell a difference. I know when I listen...
  9. cardboardhome

    Best IEM's around $50?

    I am looking to buy a pair of IEM's around $50, give or take some. But I do not want to spend more than $100. Also, I am looking for sound quality, build quality, and these are going to be my first pair of good headphones so I'm no audiophile. However, I'm still looking for them to be good of...