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  1. jclinton46

    New Headphones

    What type of music do you listen to? Some phones do better with classical, others with rock, etc. A favorite of mine is the Etymotic ER6i. I think you can still find them for sale under $100. Accurate with a slightly inflated mid-range. But not the best if you are a "basshead". I switch out when...
  2. jclinton46

    IEM tips and your heartbeat.

    Interesting. A minute or so before I clicked on this thread I noticed a low frequency thump between cuts. First time I can remember hearing it. (With several years of iem use.) I realized it was my pulse before I finished reading the first post. I have had issues with microphonics and...
  3. jclinton46

    Supra-aural headphone help!!!

    x2 Comfortable and you won't find a better set for the price. You can probably find them for around $35 if you are patient.
  4. jclinton46

    earphone recomendation (for airplane/train)

    Another vote for the Ety er-6i. Take the time to try out various tips for the best fit. For me I think it took about a month before I found the right (for me) tip but when I did, both comfort and sound quality jumped a level.
  5. jclinton46

    Portable 'Phones: PX100, PX200, PXC150 or PXC250

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mansize_tissue Which are more comfortable out of the PX100s and PX200s? I have not tried the PX200s but the PX100 rests lightly on my ears with just enough clamping force to hold them in place. My only complaint regarding fit is they are so comfortable...
  6. jclinton46

    Portable headphones for classical music

    Like Guarneri said, to me iem's and earbuds have a completely different feel. I never tried a bud I felt was comfortable but iems went from "OK" to "I forget they're there" when I get the right tip. My current iem for classical is the ER6i. For open portable phones and classical music, I like...
  7. jclinton46

    how to became an headphonus supremus?

    This thread reminds me of when I would write training programs and asked for "experienced" operators. There were those who had twenty years of experience and those who had one year of experience twenty times! While I have no doubt most of the Headphoneus Supremus folks have the knowledge (or...
  8. jclinton46

    which IEM's are your biggest dissapointment and why??

    My experience with iem's is limited to er6i, Marshmallows and Plugs. For the prices I paid, none were a letdown. For dollar/sound quality the Plugs don't come close to Marshmallows but when I bought them I just needed something to drown out lawn mower noise and allow a bit of diversion. I used...
  9. jclinton46

    is the ipod the only GOOD alarm clock solution ?

    Krazr cell phone. Loud and annoying ring tone, and in a case so by the time I find it (not always in the same place like my alarm clock) open it and turn it off I am pretty much awake.
  10. jclinton46

    Etymotic Er-6i's good for rock?

    I have a pair of ER-6i's and listen to a wide range of music - rock to classical to jazz. To me the Ety bass is clean and tight and fine for rock IF you're not a basshead. They work fine straight from an iPod but an amp does seem the give the bass more punch. YMMV
  11. jclinton46

    North Alabama/ Southern-middle Tennessee?

    I live in Rome, GA - about 20 miles from the Alabama line. So depending on where and when I might be interested as well.
  12. jclinton46

    Ipod headphone jack

    The connector at the bottom of your iPod has several in/outputs. One of these is a "line out". It is the audio signal output before going thru the final amp/volume control/headphone jack. Avoiding this final stage provides a much cleaner signal. But the signal is "line" voltage level so an...
  13. jclinton46

    How many songs on your ipod? And how you sort your music

    Currently I have 1968 songs with most encoded at 192vbr. I have several thousand mp3's and several dozen cd's waiting to be checked/encoded before adding. Before I do I need to determine if I can notice a difference between 192 and 256 or higher with my current equipment and ears. I am also...
  14. jclinton46

    Sharing your IEMS: A germaphobe nightmare

    If I had spare tips and an alcohol swab with me - MAYBE. Otherwise no. I did let my daughter listen to my ER6i once but they were cleaned before and after.
  15. jclinton46

    PX 100 Appreciation

    Excellent sound. So comfortable you can easily forget you have them on (that can be a negative!!). Definitely worth the money and then some. I do wear iem's more frequently because I need/want the isolation. However the PX-100 is my first choice when I use open phones.
  16. jclinton46

    PortaPro vs PX100 Poll

    I like them both. Sound aside, the Koss always "seemed" more rugged (no experience to back this up) and the PX-100's never pulled my hair out. With rock music I preferred the PortaPro slightly more. I guess the "in your face" sound is what I expect with rock. But I listen to pop, country...
  17. jclinton46

    Help me decide between these entry-fi IEMs

    x4 on Etys. Just be extra careful crossing streets, etc. while wearing them.
  18. jclinton46

    "what's the search button" Headphones

    OP said he didn't have the budget for an amp. AFAIK the ER4 needs an amp to shine. I don't know about the others mentioned in the mid and up class. The ER6i is fine without amplification though the $150 budget allows for an amp as well. Good luck and sorry about your wallet.
  19. jclinton46

    Sound Isolating Earphones - Please Help!

    There is such a thing as "analysis paralysis". At some point you have to figure you have enough information and just do it. While I trust this forum, people (ears) are different and no one can say with certainty which is best for me. The Koss Plugs are widely panned on this forum but when I...
  20. jclinton46

    IEM Bang for buck

    If you still feel iem's are the way to go, consider Ety er-6i. Good sound quality and reasonably priced. Another thread said good things about a Maximo iem for a budget pleasing $40.
  21. jclinton46

    Cheaper alternative to Senn HD-650?

    Never say never! If you hang around this forum I can almost guarantee upgradeitis will bite sooner or later. I have the 580's and really like them. (With an amp!) I have listened to both 600 and 650 but not enough to form an opinion as to liking them more/less than the 580. Right now I will...
  22. jclinton46

    mp3 quality

    An easy way for me to relate sound reproduction and quality is to go visual. We have all seen photos in the newspaper. They are not very detailed even thou the original photo may have had a lot of detail. In fact if you look at one under a magnifying glass you can easily see the individual...
  23. jclinton46

    IEMs + hearingloss? NO...

    Quote: Originally Posted by eightbitpotion I have an impossible time believing that just living- walking down the street, or watching a movie will make you go deaf, or severely damage your hearing. I just don't see the proof. I don't know. I have been in places where the noise...
  24. jclinton46

    What headphones were you using b4 you discovered head-fi/real headphones!

    Audio Technica AT-706 (from the mid-late 70's - not portable at all) and Sony MDR-V2 (from mid-late 80's - portable). Both were OK/good, well above the junk that comes with PCDPs but I couldn't carry around my AT's and needed yet another set of Sony pads so I decided to checkout/invest in...
  25. jclinton46

    Soldering iron upgrade - how far to go?

    I am on a ham radio reflector with about 2-3000 members. Many are active builders, both homebrew and kits. A station often mentioned is a Solomon temperature controlled one ( While the Wellers and Hakkos have their supporters, many feel...