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  1. Lazarus Short

    What To Do With A Dead Integrated Amp...

    Almost a year ago, I stupidly killed my Cyrus 2 amp. I unplugged the tuner, thinking it was the turntable, and plugged it back in...while the amp was playing. Did I say "stupidly"? There was a thump, and then silence. I popped the hood to find that the heatsink was VERY hot. Dead, very...
  2. Lazarus Short

    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    Yeah, Laz drops in once in a while. It's been quite a while this time...
  3. Lazarus Short

    Kansas City Headfi Meet June 3rd @ Oak Park Library 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    I haven't been to a meet for a while, but if Twangfest doesn't fall on the same day, I will be there. The only gear I can think of at the moment is a Cyrus 2/PSX amp I'd like people to audition with headphones, as I recapped it some time ago.
  4. Lazarus Short

    AZ Head-Fi Meet, November 23rd!!!!!!

    Laz is not sure - may make it, there are no conflicts, as I'm retired. I no longer have much amazing HP gear, having let go of my Yamaha Orthos, and my Stax. A lot of my gear is packed or getting packed for moving, so that's an issue too. We'll see...
  5. Lazarus Short

    Albuquerque anyone?

    I'm in Carlsbad, and have been on Head-Fi for a long time.  Used to attend meets in Lawrence, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri.  A meet in New Mexico would be cool.  
  6. Lazarus Short

    Speaker practical - which pair out of these two? Klipsch Icon or Energy CB-10?

    You're depending on for your information?  Let your ears decide.  No, really.  
  7. Lazarus Short

    What made your day awesome?

    Wired up the cheap chip amp pulled from a cheap pair of computer speakers to a pair of good speakers (Mission 70), a CD player, and a 6V lantern battery.  Amazing!  Made my day, but now I'm dreaming of a REAL chip amp...  
  8. Lazarus Short

    1000 things you've learned from Head-Fi

    Quote: Sorry about your wallet, and why has it taken so long for someone to say that?   488.  Even headphones get old.  Everything gets old.
  9. Lazarus Short


    Quote: I recently scored a ten inch Sabatier professional, carbon steel, not the pretty stainless you see today.  I cleaned off the surface rust and worked the edge down with medium and fine diamond hones, and finished off with a Fiskars ceramic pull-thru.  The edge is even, smooth, and I...
  10. Lazarus Short

    Do headphones cause or aggravate baldness?

    Generative tissue is sensitive to heat, so keep those hair follicles happy by not washing your hair with hot water.  
  11. Lazarus Short

    Post Your Internet Speed : )

    It's fast enough most of the time, but it depends on how many bars I have lit on my wireless modem.  Cable is calling...  
  12. Lazarus Short

    You can only listen to one musical group for the rest of your life. Who would it be?

    With my avatar, it just has to be the the 3 Mustaphas 3, a bunch of Brits posing as eastern European refugees, playing all kinds of world music.  They made bands like Gogo Bordello possible.
  13. Lazarus Short

    This joke is totally awesome.

    Note to self:  Wearing headphones doesn't make my farts silent.
  14. Lazarus Short

    Who's buying Apple products this year?

    I just bought a 1gig RAM memory module for my vintage Mac Mini.  Does that that count?
  15. Lazarus Short

    What audio stuff have you scored for free?

    I think this was at the last Head-Fi meet in Lawrence, Kansas.  I had my usual rig set up, which included a Sony das-702es DAC and a half-dead (played CD's only) DVD player as transport.  Some fellow said he'd be right back, disappeared outside, and came back in with a large box.  "Dennis, you...
  16. Lazarus Short

    Do you support nuclear proliferation??? If so, why?

    Quote: Yeah, I expected a quick brush-off, but reports I can't find say that units (another company) are in production in Greece, of all places.  Maybe I'll dig some more...   OK, how about this:   BTW, for those who think lightly of the Fukushima...
  17. Lazarus Short

    Do you support nuclear proliferation??? If so, why?

    Quote: I suppose one place is as good to start as another:: Quote: Some people think one or more reactors did in fact, blow up, at least hydrogen explosions.  Some of the cores have melted through their containment, and are now...
  18. Lazarus Short

    Do you support nuclear proliferation??? If so, why?

    Given that free energy is now a commercial reality, why consider nuclear power any further?  Yes, commercial units were available, according to reports on the www, but expensive.  Cold fusion is not off the table, either.  The PTB dislike either, as they can not be easily used as a revenue...
  19. Lazarus Short

    Do you support nuclear proliferation??? If so, why?

    Given the disasters in the Ukraine and Japan, the handwriting is on the wall.  Blowups happen, and when they do in a nuclear facility, it is a catastrophe beyond all imagination.   Free energy devices are now a commercial realtiy.  Away with nukes!
  20. Lazarus Short

    1000 things you've learned from Head-Fi

    30.  Moving-coil phones really can keep up with 'stats.  Thank you Billinkansas for the best audio I've ever heard, and with the Yamaha Orthodynamics I gave you!!!
  21. Lazarus Short

    Kim Jong Il is dead...

    Quote: True - it is a Democrazy.
  22. Lazarus Short

    Kim Jong Il is dead...

    Quote: Funny thing, in my study of history, it seems that hunger is communism's handmaid.   A study of one of those "night view" world maps makes South Korea look like an island of light because North Korea is so dark.  I think that just about says it all.
  23. Lazarus Short

    Inner Groove Distortion

    There are ways to align the cartridge to minimize inner-groove distortion, but that would require an alignment protractor.  They can be downloaded at the vinyl engine, and you'll want to download one which aligns the cartridge parallel to the groove in that area of the LP.   The best...
  24. Lazarus Short

    Products that last forever

    Fruitcakes.  Books.  Manual typewriters.  Drafting/drawing tools.  Good optics - microscopes and telescopes.