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  1. Monochromatic-7

    UM PRO 50 + Chord Mojo Vs. W60 + Oppo HA2

    Which setup do you prefer the most and why? mainly for a dark, airy sound with a wide soundstage. Bass isn't important.
  2. Monochromatic-7

    Help me buy my first pair of high-end earphones please?

    Hey guys! I've been researching for months and here are the ones that are on my list: -Westone W60 -Weston UM PRO 50 -Shure SE846 It's gonna be for my portable setup and I mainly listen to dark ambient, all kinds of metal, drone and original movie scores, So I ABSOLUTELY do not want a...
  3. Monochromatic-7

    Sennheiser, fake vs original?

    Hey guys,gonna buy a brand new set of MM 550-X a few days later,the guy who is an authorized dealer's gonna send them to could I know if they are original?I mean is there any type of registration or something that I can be sure? I know that it's less likely to happen but I'm super super...
  4. Monochromatic-7

    Need help buying a Bluetooth headphone for listening to METAL!

    Hey guys,which  Bluetooth headphones are good for listening to metal ? I know there are lots of topics about this here,but my situation is totally different.I live in Iran and I don't have the access to many authorized resellers,so please only suggest some good  international brands.I can spend...