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  1. Tapiozona

    D2000 complete rebuild, custom everything

    I've had my D2000's for about a decade now and at this point they've completely fallen apart. It started with the attachment point for the cups and the headband which was a known and common problem with all of the denon cans in this line. From there the leather pads and the headband completely...
  2. Tapiozona

    Dumb cable plug question

    I modified my Denon D2000's to have detachable 3.5mm jacks and want to recable a D5000 cable to plug into them. I bought a cheap Amazon cable that works fine to hold me over and a set of 3.5mm TS (mono) plugs to solder into the D5000 cables. My question is..did I buy the wrong plugs? I...
  3. Tapiozona

    D2000 Earcup fell

    I remember reading about people's earcups falling off their Denon D2000 and D5000's and mine finally did. I still have all the pieces and it's really easy to fix but the problem I'm having is finding the right tool for the job. The little nut which holes the earcup onto the band countersinks...
  4. Tapiozona

    FLAC...Better Quality or More Flaws?

    After spending most of my money on headphones and amps, I finally dove in and bout myself a USB DAC. Granted I didn't go all out and bought an entry level model, I figured it would be a vast improvement over my built in laptop sound device. I also figured that since I was going to upgrade to...
  5. Tapiozona

    Fubar usb DAC

    Anyone had any experience with these? A search didn't return a single result so I'm guessing it's blah at best. Google searches reveal a ton of results and seemingly positive ones.
  6. Tapiozona

    Fubar DAC

    Anyone had any experience with these? A search didn't return a single result so I'm guessing it's blah at best. Google searches reveal a ton of results and seemingly positive ones.
  7. Tapiozona

    Troubleshooting my headphones question..Anyone have Explosions in the Sky?

    Recently been listening to a lot of Explosions in the Sky but have come across a really annoying thing when I listen to one song in particular and I'm trying to see if it's just me or the recording. The song is "Your Hand in Mine" and in the very beginning 0:15 and again 0:20-0:35 (on and off...
  8. Tapiozona

    Who to buy a Little Dot I+ from..?

    I'm about to jump on a little dot and noticed there were a couple sellers on ebay. I've read that "davidzhezhe" is the official seller and one can be had from him for $145 shipped. There's another seller "jasmine_chine" who's offering it for $117 shipped and for 20 bucks more she'll include the...
  9. Tapiozona

    Best desktop amp for around $200

    I currently have a IBasso D2 Boa and am looking to move to a desktop amp. I don't want to spend more than $200 and at this point I really only have 1 amp on my list. The Zero Dac/Amp. Would that be my best bang for buck or can anyone else recommend anything instead? These would power a set...
  10. Tapiozona

    First Try: Custom Woodie Denon D2000's

    Well I just finished my first set of woodies for my Denon D2000's. Special thanks to Musicman59 and Lad27 for inspiring me to try and make these. (they probably don't know they inspired me but they did). I made these out of zebrawood and gave them a gloss polyurethane finish for durability...
  11. Tapiozona

    Portable vs Desktop (Ibasso vs Zero)

    Ive been lurking here for a while and am ready to upgrade my current setup to something better. Right now I'm using a pa2v2 and it sounds nice and all but I feel like I'm missing out on so much more. I'd like to get a DAC and AMP since my laptop/zune could use the boost. I'd also like to find a...
  12. Tapiozona

    Newbie howto question. Darth Beyers?

    I'm still relatively new to the headphone craze and have read quite a bit about the Darth Beyers (v3?). I know its a mod to the DT 770's adding wooden cups and some other changes. Im in the market to upgrade at the moment and am considering either the Denon D2000's or making my own set of...
  13. Tapiozona

    Pengiune Caffeine (or pa2v2)..To amp or not to amp

    New to the whole headphone/amp scene and I was wondering if I even really need one. I have a pair of Denon 1001 and Equation Audio RP-21 cans and use them only at work through my pc. I never considered getting an amp until recently and I know I don't want to invest too much into one if I do make...
  14. Tapiozona

    Equation Audio RP-21 - Where to buy?

    Had to return my Denon 1001's because of the bad sound isolation and decided on these instead. Online the only real place I could find to purchase them was through an amazon reseller. If possible I'd much much rather buy them in person so I dont have to go through the hassles of returning things...