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  1. Zorander

    Feedback by 'Zorander' on listing 'Sennheiser HD-600 w/ Oehlbach cable'

    Quick, smooth transaction. Enjoy!
  2. Zorander

    Topping D90

    I admit I have been out of this game for too long I can't actually tell if upsampling is good or bad. Also, are you saying the ECD-1 has detail or is lacking?
  3. Zorander

    Topping D90

    Lol thanks. That put a big smile on my face. :) So I take it you don't think the D90 is worth trying out (it's relatively expensive for a Topping product).
  4. Zorander

    Topping D90

    Thanks. I don't have a ton of experience with DACs but I'm quite aware the ECD-1 is up there. Only reason I want another DAC is to downsize (and not lose any SQ). The ECD-1 takes up space on the table (too wide to fit on the shelves) and prevents me from upgrading my monitor (speakers have no...
  5. Zorander

    Topping D90

    Electrocompaniet ECD-1 user here. Looking to replace the ECD-1 with something smaller (and at least as good-sounding, if not, better). Currently using the DAC with my PC (SPDIF via M2Tech hiFace Two), connected to speaker system (Topping PA3 -> Epos M5) and headphone setup (Graham Slee Solo...
  6. Zorander

    Coaxial output soundcard

    Hi all, My EMU 1212M (PCI) has finally died after 12 years of service. I am in dire need of a replacement. The EMU was setup in this manner: PC -> EMU -> Electrocompaniet DAC (via BJ Coaxial cable) -> (Sound systems via analog input). I'm looking to spend up to AUD$150 (less is better) to...
  7. Zorander

    Classis Grado RS-1 - Need replacement earpads

    I decided to buy the comfies (to quarter mod) and the bowls (to tape mod). The flats were great but, to be honest, I never really could listen very long to these due to the bass. Surprised at the lack of response. Maybe my question was just too open ended. All good though. Cheers.
  8. Zorander

    PCI(/-e) card for SPDIF out (Windows 10) that does not resample

    Never mind. Reinstalling the driver and Patchmix (the 2008 version) seems to do the trick.
  9. Zorander

    PCI(/-e) card for SPDIF out (Windows 10) that does not resample

    Hi all, A recent upgrade to Windows 10 results in my current PCI 1212m automatically resampling 44.1KHz music files to 48KHz. Attempts to set the playback sample rate at 44.1KHz either in Windows settings or Patchmix yielded no success. As this card is EOL, there are no recent driver files...
  10. Zorander

    HD800 pads - Where in Australia?

    Hi Poo, I did get the below information. I have not bought any pads yet due to the price but hopefully this is useful to you: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Email: The part is...
  11. Zorander

    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    Join date 2004 here. I don't post nor peruse the Classifieds as much now. I still feel sorry for my wallet, having purchased the HD800, CK100PRO and C5D headamp last year. We sure have a dizzying number of choices out there than many years ago.
  12. Zorander

    HD800 pads - Where in Australia?

    Thanks! I've sent them an email. Let's see what they come back with. Cheers!
  13. Zorander

    HeadphoneAddict in a serious accident

    Wishing you and your daughter a speedy recovery,
  14. Zorander

    HD800 pads - Where in Australia?

    HI all, Looking to replace my current pads as they feel quite thin and seem to affect the sound quite a bit. A quick search yielded the below links:(in order of increasing price):
  15. Zorander

    AKG K340 and perfect amplifying solution

    Headphile uses solid core wires which, while still flexible, should definitely not be subjected to kinks.The main run of the cable, sheathed in what I believe is multi-filament nylon, is free from microphonics. The ends of the cable (at the plugs), where they are terminated with bits of...
  16. Zorander

    Slim DAC/Amp for Galaxy Note 2

    I have been using my AT-CK100Pro iem driven directly by the Note 2 and using Neutron MP player. It sounds good to me if a little strong in the upper registers at high-ish volume. I have been contemplating an upgrade to this setup. For comparison sake, I tested the CK100Pro on an old rockboxed...
  17. Zorander

    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    It's weird that attack on titans is only 25 episodes long (according to Wikipedia anyway). We're 22 episodes in and there is still so much questions on the titans and the story definitely can be fleshed out into at least a 52 episodes series. Anyway, my thumbs up for a good series indeed.
  18. Zorander

    need an australian members help..

    Perhaps you might want to detail, in this thread, what headphone and shop you want to buy from? If any aussie-based member feel they can do it, they can then PM you to take things further in the background.
  19. Zorander

    Upgrading from Audio Technica CK-10

    Hi Yaluen, Thanks for your reply. I won't go so far as to say the CK100Pro was not the right purchase. Its sonic signature is indeed similar to the CK10 (which I like) and, as already mentioned, it is easily the better of the two. The drawbacks are that: 1) it picks up the background hiss of...
  20. Zorander

    HiFimeDIY Sabre Android DAC, Digital to Audio Converter (PCM2706+ES9023)

    Looking to get these to pair with a ck100pro and Note II phone (background hiss issue). Like it mainly for the size. Does this have much background hiss I sh be worried about?
  21. Zorander

    Upgrading from Audio Technica CK-10

    Got these today and have been listening to it straight out of the Note II. First impression: I can now hear the infamous background hiss that the CK10 does not pick up. Combined with the stock comply tips, the presentation was maddeningly bright (but otherwise a clear improvement over the CK10...
  22. Zorander

    Upgrading from Audio Technica CK-10

    Sounds like the CK-100Pro is a winner then. Thanks for the suggestion, everyone. p.s. missed a used pair for AUD$300 yesterday but I guess another $100 or so for a new pair ain't so bad...
  23. Zorander

    Durable $100 phones for gym use and on the train

    My brother likes the look of the M3 the most (the RE252 second and the MC5 labelled as too geeky-looking). He's not too particular on the sound (these phones should all sound good and far better than his old CX-300) so the M3 looks won it for him. Thanks heaps for the help.
  24. Zorander

    Durable $100 phones for gym use and on the train

    It is still for sale here so it's still an open option. I can also get Brainwayz phones directly at MP4nation and at their prices, the M3 is also within budget. Should he just spring for the higher-end phone? Seems a logical choice to me. Cheers!
  25. Zorander

    Durable $100 phones for gym use and on the train

    Thanks for the link. My bad for missing the sticky (and for posting hastily on the bus). Plenty of good suggestions on that link and I have picked the Etymotic MC5, Brainwavz M2 and Hifiman RE252 for him to choose from. I don't exactly know his sound preference but I think he's happy with...