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  1. pithyginger63

    Small or portable speakers

    So, in my entire life as an "audiophile", I've used portable gear; iems, portable dacs, and whatnot. I'm wondering if there are any portable or semiportable speakers that are of good quality and can produce some level of soundstage. Like, two speakers for L R channel that can be setup and taken...
  2. pithyginger63

    neutral sounding entry level desktop speakers

    i'm not going to buy, but I was curious about something. for me, a lot of audio gear in the lower tiers tend to be v or u shaped. does that happen in speakers too? if I wanted to buy an entry level desktop speaker setup with a relatively neutral sound sig, what should I get?
  3. pithyginger63

    What is a balanced connection?

    I'm new to the idea of balanced connectors and wanted to know the difference between balanced and single ended in terms of day to day use. Can a balanced male plug be plugged into a single ended female plug? Vice versa? (I guess not) Are there any tools that can "convert" the signals? I'm...
  4. pithyginger63

    chord mojo + poly vs chord hugo 1

    i'm not asking for help, i wanna know what you would do chord mojo + poly = 1200-1300 usd chord hugo 1 = 1200-1300 usd on ebay if your lucky which one would you get? which one has better performance? WHY IS THE POLY SO EXPENSIVE?!
  5. pithyginger63

    what is coherency?

    While I've been an iem collector for a while now, I'm still confused as to what people refer to when they describe an iem as coherent. What exactly is coherency?