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  1. MonoJon

    Nichicon FW caps for subwoofer amp power supply?

    TL;DR Are Nichicon FW series caps appropriate or the power supply of an amplifier-integrated power supply? Hello, I need to recap the power supply (left side of the PCB in this photo). Are Nichicon FW series caps appropriate for this? I am a novice with this, but as I understand it, "audio...
  2. MonoJon

    Bluetooth adapter or headphones to use with iPhone for *calls*

    All, My partner complains on the microphone on her IEMs with inline mic cutting out during conference calls on her iPhone 8. She wants to get bluetooth headphones so that she can continue to delay upgrading her phone. Questions: Is the TRRS configuration on iPhone 8 jack actually compatible...
  3. MonoJon

    need quick advice re: DX3 Pro vs Schiit Stack etc. while DX3 Pro is on Drop

    Hello Forum, I have been considering the following DAC/amp/bluetooth options. My current IEMs are all 16-32 ohm, and I am considering purchasing AKG K553 MKII for my first full-size cans (also 32 ohm). I want a combo of DAC, amp and bluetooth receiver that can drive these at low to moderate...
  4. MonoJon

    New here - looking for <$100 IEM recommendation

    Hello, I posted a thread last week asking for some recommendations, but didn't get any traction, so I am hoping to have better luck paring my questions down to one at a time. First, IEMs. Note, I am a complete novice, just looking to step up to something better Genres: literally everything...