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  1. Loevhagen

    Head-fi segment - 2013 outlook

    Based on extrapolation of the segment the previous and recent years; what's your take regarding the head-fi segment in 2013? What do you miss today that you want to be available in 2013?   General: - There are several things for me, but key is that I want several manufacturers to start...
  2. Loevhagen

    Audeze LCD-X - What PM (Preventive Maintenance) scheme are you following?

    Since the Audeze headphones entail both wood and leather, I would anticipate a certain preventive maintenance scheme would be prudent to follow. I "take them apart" every 2-3 months to get them soaked in oil and apply leather care. Keeps them fresh, and I would think the oil PM decreases the...
  3. Loevhagen

    How to put a commercial headamp in a wooden enclosure?

    I have the Lake People G100:         I want to put it in a wooden enclosure like this (inspiration):     Any piece of advice from the DIY-experts? The less fuzz - the better. Solutions are appreciated. :)  
  4. Loevhagen gingerbread. :)

    These are som examples from a creation from the Norwegian AVForum.   The whole thread is here:   Bonus: Please pay attention to the previous creations from the same user. The Tape Deck - FANTASTIC...
  5. Loevhagen

    Christmas Puzzle - Audeze LCD.2r2 or the HiFiMAN HE-500?

    Many have asked the same question. Now, a published review of the these two headphones in a head-to-head review has been published by the magazine "Hjemmekino". As you might have guess right now, the review is not in English - but you figure it out. Google Translate, OCR tool import 'n'...
  6. Loevhagen

    HE-500 on speaker amps via HE-adapter

      I've just bought the HE adapter and the OCC HE-6 cable, and plan to use it with the following two integrated stereo amps:   - Abrahamsen V2.0 - AB and class A for the "first watts" (1500VA, 70W on 8ohm and 140W on 4 ohm) - Primare I32 - Class D (Output Power: 2x 120W at 8Ω 2x 230W at...
  7. Loevhagen

    Reviews & Impressions - But; what about your audiometry?

    There's a lot of reviews, impressions and elaborations on the forum, and that's the essential part of it. That's good.   However, head-fi is a hobby where we all want to keep our hearing ability intact, so I just pop the questions:   - When was the last time you took an audiometry? -...
  8. Loevhagen

    Can the HiFiMAN HE-Adapter be used on e.g. HE.500 headphones?

    On the home page it is stated that: HE-Adapter is not for HE-500 or any high efficiency headphones.   Why is that?   I´ve tried the HE-500 with a monster headamp in balanced mode, and they played the best.   Is there any...
  9. Loevhagen

    Amp recommendations for HiFiMAN HE-500

    Inspired by the LCD-2 thread concerning almost the same subject, I hope this thread could be used as a sharing experience arena for which DAC & amp you HE-500 owners use.   I received my HE-500 2 days ago and so far I have used them on the following of my amps:   a) Hegel HD10 +...
  10. Loevhagen

    Head-fi meeting @ Stavanger, Norway (May 26th 2011)

      Disclaimer: This meeting is just for fun and not scientific.