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    Search = Fatal error

    I performed an Advanced Search, using these parameters: Keywords = K1000 Narrow Results = Posts Only Sort Results by = Update / Posting date   ...but all I get is. Tried three times with same result every time. Quote:   Thanks for fixing it!
  2. krmathis

    Stax SR-404 -> Free to a good home (Giveaway)

    It is final! I have gathered up all the valid entries (138 in total) and I am pleased to announce the winner! nsx_23 Congratulations! ************************************************** ******************************** I have decided to part with my Stax SR-404, and give it away...
  3. krmathis

    Road trip 2009 (picture heavy..)

    Hi guys and girls, As some of you may have noticed I began my summer holidays (4 weeks off) a week ago. I thought a road trip would be a nice start. So on Monday I packed up my VFR800 and left for my longest single trip so far. The route went north west towards our spectacular fjords...
  4. krmathis

    AKG K1000 - A collection of information and links

    Here you find information, links to reviews, impressions, recommendations, and more for the AKG K1000 headphone. I have been missing a central place for all this, so I decided to create one. Hope you find it useful. Thanks to 'Richter Di' for his 'Everything about the K-1000 (K1000)'...
  5. krmathis

    Happy New Year!

    Bye 2008, welcome 2009! May 2009 bring you laughter, prosperity, ..., and of course great music.
  6. krmathis

    The 'krmathis' β22 and σ22 Group Build Edition

    Dear fellow Head-Fi'ers, Today is the day that I can announce the arrival of the β22 and σ22, which the community so gracefully have funded, built, and donated to me. For those who are not familiar with the history it began back in July when I mentioned in one of the β22 threads that I was...
  7. krmathis

    Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2

    A week or so back I received my Signature 30.2, and fell in love immediately. For those who don't know the Signature 30.2 it is a battery powered amplifier, made by Red Wine Audio (hereby referred to as RWA). The same company that make the well known iMod. The Signature 30.2 seems to be...
  8. krmathis

    4 year milestone...

    Today its exactly 4 years since I joined Head-Fi. I landed here as part of my search for information about my newly acquired 3G iPod and matching earphones (my first post were about MP3 and AAC audio). During the first 18 months I was a sporadic visitor, with just a post or two every month...
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    Happy Birthday ShaolinRasta

    Have a great one!
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    Scrap it... :p

  11. krmathis

    Scrap this too... :p

    Wrong date... Sorry!
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    Where to buy VdH The Optocoupler MKII?

    I want to buy a Van den Hul The Optocoupler MKII, in the following configuration: * Toslink <-> Miniplug * 1.5 meter length In my WTB: Van den Hul The Optocoupler MKII thread 'teknophyl' pointed me towards The Cable Company ( I have been in contact with them, but sadly they...
  13. krmathis

    Happy Birthday krmathis!

    Seems like nobody noticed that I have my birthday today! So I create my own thread...
  14. krmathis

    Ray Samuels Audio -> "The Tomahawk"

    Ray Samuels have just put up a sneak preview page of his upcoming ultra-portable amplifier. "The Tomahawk", which is smaller than "The Hornet" and targeted IEM users. Quote: The Tomahawk... Dedicated for the ultimate listening pleasure of the IEMs, 6 weeks, at 10 hours, of listening...
  15. krmathis

    Should I order the ES2 or UE-10 Pro's?

    Ooops, posted in the wrong forum! Better use this thread instead:
  16. krmathis

    IC: Norwegian/Nordic meet?

    I know there are very few Norwegians, or even Nordic, members around here. But still I wonder if anyone of you care for a meeting? Cause I would really like to listen to some of the other high-end equipment out there. And a meeting seems like the only way...