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  1. corgifall

    Colorado audiologist that does digital scans

    I was wondering if there were any audiologist that any colorado-fi peeps know of that do digital scans vs physical impressions. Thanks!
  2. corgifall

    S.M.S.L SP400 Impressions thread

    Thought I would start a thread for anyone who either has the SP400 or for those interested. There isn't much in the way of impressions or reviews as of this posting. More info can be found from
  3. corgifall

    Stuck between the Aeon flow and lcd-2 classic

    Have the m1060's and while I love the planar sound I'm getting from them I want something better and I'm stuck between the two aeon flows and the lcd-2 classics. Wanting a little more thump when it comes to the bass. I hear the newer lcd-2 classics and the aeon flow opens both have a warmer...