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  1. Dyaems

    Looking for an Alternative IEM for UM3X

    I'm looking for a UM3X replacement or alternative. It doesnt have to be the exact same sound, but I prefer it close enough to the sound of a UM3X. It would be a plus as well if Shure Olives can fit on the IEM.   No budget is concern but it would be nice if the price can be kept under 300USD...
  2. Dyaems

    Need Help for Making 220v Speakers work to a 110v Outlet in Japan

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread but I need help. Specially Japanese people because I need to buy a transformer online if possible! Anyone is welcome to suggest though!   The problem is already in the topic title but I might as well tell the story: I bought my measly Creative Gigaworks T20...
  3. Dyaems

    Hisoundaudio Studio-V Need Help

    Note this is my friend's Studio-V and the problem only happened few hours ago and I am trying to "translate" what happened through text and he doesn't have an account here and there is no internet connection in his office. Might as well ask here first maybe anyone had a similar problem to their...
  4. Dyaems

    Cheap PCI Soundcard with Coax

    Topic.   I have a ASUS Xonar DX ( i forgot the exact model ) but it uses PCI-E (the slot for GPU?) for its main card so I need to use a motherboard with SLI or Crossfire compatible in order to use it.   Any cheap soundcard that can be used for a PCI slot and it has coax out   I want...