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  1. depaulhifi

    The WS99/WS77 PG 57..

    Can anyone chime in on how well the WS99 handles non-EDM music?  90% of the music I listen to is EDM, and the rest is various music I deem "good."  How would they handle something like Colbie Caillat?   I understand they are a "solid bass" headphone, with a greater emphasis on *quality* of...
  2. depaulhifi

    Ultimate Ears are making me deaf!

    Quote: Originally Posted by nikongod your headphones are not making you deaf. you are. I gathered that. It was a joke/expression. Don't go all ENT on me. Quote: Originally Posted by nikongod stop turning up the volume. if you find the music "requests" volume...
  3. depaulhifi

    Ultimate Ears are making me deaf!

    If its too loud, you're too old!!! Ha ha.. Just kidding.. in my defense... I don't blast it all the time, but sometimes *that" song comes on and you just have to scratch that "live sound" itch.
  4. depaulhifi

    Ultimate Ears are making me deaf!

    I've had my 5pro's for about 6 months now and I am still loving them. One thing though, I find myself listening to them a lot louder now than I did when I first got them. At first, I feel like I used them to their intended purpose. I listened to them at a reasonable volume (50-60%...
  5. depaulhifi

    Do the buttons on Grados matter sonically?

    Yes! Removing them makes a huge sonic difference! With them out they can pass 0.0000000017 CFM more air and this allows them to be more "balanced", "neutral", and especially "airy'! Seriously though... I can't imagine such a minute change having any affect on the sound, regardless of what...
  6. depaulhifi

    Help me pick headphones for subway use!

    A bit out of your given price range, but my UE 5pro's isolate all the subway noise at moderate volumes. I would think the 3 would do as good a job.
  7. depaulhifi

    Do any of you own high end speakers and still prefer phones? Tuberoller went speaker?

    I much prefer listening to speakers than headphones. The experience is just so much more visceral and dynamic. Especially when you have large, adequately powered speakers... (with a powered boom-boom section....)
  8. depaulhifi

    Your Favorite IEM Tip Poll

    I just switched from the bi-flanges to the small silicone tips on my 5pro's. I find them to be the most comfortable, offer the best isolation, and are the easiest to insert and get sealed. I do not care for the foam tips at all.
  9. depaulhifi

    Admit to it: you wear headphones in public that you shouldn't!

    My two biggest public offenses are HD-280's and HD-595's. I've also worn SR-225's, but they aren't as gigantic as the other two.
  10. depaulhifi

    Ear Drum pressure pain with pro

    I'm pretty new to IEM's as well. I have had my sp5p's for almost a week now and am just starting to get a consistent good seal. I have found it best to get the memory wires positioned around your ears first and then, insert them fully and get your seal. At first I was trying to get a good seal...
  11. depaulhifi

    What music do you use to audition hardware?

    The Postal Service - Give Up Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism SACD Patricia Barber - Companion SACD Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl Air - Talkie Walkie No Doubt - Rock Steady Alpha - Stargazing Filter - Title of Record Incubus - Morning View Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
  12. depaulhifi

    Has anyone here Colorware'd their iPod???

    I haven't had my 5th gen done yet. I want to get it done really soon, but want to find a time when it would be easy to part with for the time it would be gone. I'm totally getting it painted pink though! Totally.
  13. depaulhifi 5 pro: An IEM noob's first impression

    Quote: Originally Posted by titaniumx3 You honestly need to give them some time. Keep experimenting with the different eartips, try inserting them differently and fiddle with the memory wire so that it loops around ear as securely as possible. I have found to have better luck with...
  14. depaulhifi 5 pro: An IEM noob's first impression

    Quote: Originally Posted by DRSpeed85 Maybe ur a basshead. Try the EBs. This is definitely not the case. I like well rounded, accurate, articulate bass. The bass out of the HD-280pro makes my mouth water. I was just looking for a tad more. I think I am a purist when it comes to...
  15. depaulhifi 5 pro: An IEM noob's first impression

    Comfy, I don't think that the seal is the issue here, they feel sealed. I inserted them to the point where they won't go in any further. I pulled the top of my ear to ensure they were properly inserted and that I did in fact get a good seal. mbgalg, Believe me, I want to like these...
  16. depaulhifi 5 pro: An IEM noob's first impression

    I picked up a set of these nifty little buggers today on a whim/impulse. And I must say, for $250... wow... I am not impressed. At all. I did a decent amount of research on this unit and the E4c, and ultimately decided on the UE. Partially on the "below the Best Buy Consumer-type radar" factor...
  17. depaulhifi

    SACD encoding question

    This I am aware of. Any possible explanation to such an anomaly?
  18. depaulhifi

    SACD encoding question

    So I'm slowly filling my new 5G iPod with music again. Last night I added a bunch of stuff, and the item in question is the Deluxe Edition of The Downward Spiral. This is an album I have heard billions of times on Red Book and I'm reasonably familiar with the additional trickeries revealed on...
  19. depaulhifi

    What is the right Beyer for me? DT880 or 990?

    Hey there dudes. I have been looking into getting a pair of Beyerdynamic as of late. Every report on both headphones seems to lead me in circles. As some here have stated, Beyer is now calling the 990 their top headphone. I much prefer the sound of Sennheiser to Grado, and love the sound of the...
  20. depaulhifi

    Athena AS-F1 Opinions

    The Cambridge Audio stuff performs well beyond expecations and is reasonably priced. Their 640C 65wpc integrated is a solid unit and sells for $479. The Athena speakers are very efficient and will give more than ample output with the Cambridge piece...
  21. depaulhifi

    Athena AS-F1 Opinions

    The Epos may or may not sound better than the Athena, depending on the ear. The Epos ELS3's are a detailed mini-monitor aimed at a customer who is less concerned in bass output and more concerned with finer details. The Athena speakers are geared for more of an "everyday" audiophile and are far...