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  1. ematthews

    Need a little help/suggestions on a full size desktop DAC/AMP

    Need a Desktop DAC/AMP to power the following headphones   Beyerdynamic T1 gen2 Beyerdynamic DT1770 Senn HD600/650 AKG K712 Pro   Right now I am using my Chord Mojo. Wanting an AMP/Dac that I can leave on my nightstand that I don't have to recharge all the time. Just want to plug and...
  2. ematthews

    Beyer DT1770 Shipping with different case ???

    I had to send back my DT1770's for a warranty replacement. Sonic Elec could not be a better place to shop with how they handle everything. However, my new replacement had a different case. I think the original one with the indentation for a handle was a little nicer. This one is square with a...
  3. ematthews

    Need a few pointers setting up a desk top system

    I've been into HiFi audio for a long time and have a good system in my Den. So I have a fair amount of audio knowledge.  Decided to set up a desktop system in my bedroom and need a little help. Source will be my Apple Imac. DAC will be either my Parasound ZDac V2 or my Chord mojo .Or maybe...
  4. ematthews

    Can anyone help with this question

    I got the new Beyerdynamic T5p Gen 2 this week. I need a really good closed headphone since I now listen at night time. These are really good but something is missing in the mids or treble. I can't explain it exactly. The mids are just off. Coming off the Audio Tech MSR7. These have a fantastic...
  5. ematthews

    Parasound ZDAC 2 REPLACED BY Chord Mojo

    Currently running my Beyerdynamic T5Pgen 2 with a Parasound ZDac V2. Looking for a better DAC to get the most out of the headphones. I am being told the Chord MOJO would be ideal. Anyone with experience with both. Can someone maybe tell me if it's sideways move vs moving up in quality with the...
  6. ematthews

    Need a little help with current and replacement Closed headphones.

    Currently own the Audio Technica MSR-7. I really enjoy everything about these phones. My only Con would be the music sounds a little narrow. Or the sound stage is small. I am looking for a closed headphone that will be close to these with a nice low end and a clear almost bright top end. Smooth...
  7. ematthews

    New PS500 e issue and Q

    I am a previous owner of the Grado PS500.  It's been a few years however, but I just picked up the new PS500e.. I think I may have gotten a bad set... Or at least I hope. They are very congested and buzzy... On bass guitar notes they seem to get in the way of themselves.. I remember my old PS500...
  8. ematthews

    Hifiman HE400i vs AKG 712 pro

    Any imput on these two cans? I'm looking at spending around 500 and want a really clean sound. More so than my Senn HD 650.
  9. ematthews

    Senn HD650 with sparkle and sharp punchy bass

    Any suggestions on a headphone that has highs with a little more sparkle on the top end and the lows with more bas punch/impact than the SennHD650? Beyer 880 Beyer 990   I love the mids on the HD650 but the other ends of the spectrum need addressing for me.
  10. ematthews

    Best headphones for a certain type of music

    Just asking opinions here for some feedback in case I am missing some brands. I listen to Progressive rock. A lot of it from Porcupine Tree to Rush etc etc. I am looking for a very detailed and wide sound stage. Good low end too I am leaning towards picking up Senn HD650. I owned these a long...
  11. ematthews

    Not that impressed with the Phillips X2

    I got spoiled from my Beyer T1 cans from last year.. Not sure but I can't seem to see what the fuss is about on the X2 from Phillips. The mids seem way to recessed for me.. I got out of headphones last year since I didn't use them that much. I prefer to listen to my RAAL ribbon Ascend towers...
  12. ematthews

    I guess I need help with my Beyer T1's

    I guess I am going to need a better source amp for my Beyerdynamic T1's.. Gear   Emotiva XPA-2 Emotiva UPA Emotiva ERC-2 Emotiva XDA-1   Marantz PM8004   I USE THIS MOST connect right to the headphone out. I have found it sounds better than my two headphone amps below.  ...
  13. ematthews

    Why does the Marantz PM8004 beat all amps that I own???

    I have a complete Marantz 2 channel system. PM8004 Integrated Amp. CD6004 CD Player I have purchased two headphone amps and two headphones in the last month. Just got into headphones.. Amps Bellari HA540 JDS Labs O2    Headphones Beyerdynamic T1 Grado PS500     My Marantz...
  14. ematthews

    Beyer T1 and Bellari question

    Purchased my Grail headphone yesterday. Beyerdynamic T1... From everything I have read, the Beyer A1 amp is the ONE to get for these headphones. I have the Bellari HA540 right now. Anyone have thoughts on using the Bellari with the T1's? I had planned on getting a solid state in the future by...
  15. ematthews

    Emotiva XDA-2 as a dedicated headphone amp

    Looking at the Emotiva XDA-2 DAC. It says that it has Audio File grade headphone amp. Specs are     Headphone Amplifier Output Output Power: 1.9 VRMS max into 10 Ohms @  < 0.02% THD (360 mW) 2.25 VRMS max into 47 Ohms @  < 0.015% THD (100 mW) 2.25 VRMS max into 100 Ohms @  < 0.01%...
  16. ematthews

    Cable for HD650 change anything????

    I am not a big believer in cables for my Hifi two channel stuff. I have a lot of gear and I have never heard a difference when I tried some hi end cables. Connects or speaker cable. Now I am new to headphones. Have tried a few mid to hi end cans and it looks like for now the Senn HD650 is the...
  17. ematthews

    Identify used phones..Purchased new

    Just received my new Beyer's this morning from Amazon. T90 version.. Great price too. In any case they almost look like they were demo's or maybe a returned item. Is there any concern here if they were returned from someone. I always worry about electronics. How they were treated.... Burn...
  18. ematthews

    Cans for Progressive rock to Ambient rock

    Most of my time I am rocking out to groups like Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, God is an Astronaut. On the flip side I listen to what some call Post modern type Ambient music for the likes of Lanterna... I have tried AKG Q701 and was almost perfect. What happened was the bass was not there and...
  19. ematthews

    From hd650 to AKG Q701 to HIFIMan 500 ?

    So in my short journey here trying to find MY headphone type I started with both the Beyer DT880 an the Senn hd650. I ended up liking the Beyers a little better but it lacked a lot of bass and the ear cups were on the small size to me. I ended up keeping the Senn's. SO today I got my AKG Q701 to...
  20. ematthews

    After searching still need some input

    A little back ground. I have the Senn HD650 and the Beyer DT880. Like the sound of the Beyer's more. They just sound a lot more clear.. However they lack low end for me. In any case both just didn't hit the mark for me. As it would stand I would look to get the T1 but the price is out of reach...
  21. ematthews

    Need a stronger amp than my Bellari HA540

    I just got into headphones as of late. Been into my Hifi stuff for a long time and and have a lot of quality gear. In any case I got the Bellari HA540 and it doesn't seem to drive my Beyer DT880 enough. Can any one advise me on another amp that is a good and won't break the bank. Would love to...
  22. ematthews

    Owner of Senn 650 and Beyer 880 seeking better phones

    I am looking for better phones. Both the 650 and the 880's are great but lack to total sound I am looking for. The Senn's have better bass but the Beyer's have better treble and are more clear.. What I am seeking is the Beyer's mids and highs with a better bass and low end. Was going to...