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  1. Daryn Alexander

    Differences between Sony S639F and S738F?

    Count me in for the bandwagon. I've been considering a new player for a while now, and this one is perfect for my needs. Just waiting for advancedmp3 to confirm that I am unfortunately myself, and no one else would want to be me. Not that I can even find the US versions over here, mind you...
  2. Daryn Alexander

    SNL Digital Shorts

    thank the lonely island for the laughs.
  3. Daryn Alexander

    Anybody ever hear of Kristin Chenoweth?

    she was also on the west wing.
  4. Daryn Alexander

    Christian / Christian Rock.

    Quote: Originally Posted by freeone-j Lets not forget that DC Talk broke-up and now we have Toby Mac/Tait. Not a lot people know that Christian music covers all generes Rock/ Heavy Metal/ Rap/ Pop/ Jazz/ Easy Listening/ you name it, we have it. Music that is so great and creative, that...
  5. Daryn Alexander

    eBay: the ultimate Transformers collection

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mrvile I've always played with the thought of starting a Todd McFarlane collection since the toys look cool and it's all relatively cheap. But I'm just lazy I used to do that. Sold it. For a looot of money.
  6. Daryn Alexander

    omg that's priceless

    This one's a new classic. Plus, it seems he's one of us.
  7. Daryn Alexander

    Storm Digital : Includes voluntary tracking.

    A new email from COEM, sheds light, again in Ken's favor. (Given that I won't touch the other thread so as not to ruin any discussion over there). Let's keep the Coem/Ken discussion to a minimum, if we could. They've been very helpful. I hope you don't mind that I keep emailing you about the...
  8. Daryn Alexander

    Storm Digital : Includes voluntary tracking.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Superpredator And I'll refer you back to COEM's response. Here is some of the exact language used by John in the e-mail to you. I do follow the Storm treads on head-fi, I don't like the latest one... I have decided not to post in Storm threads, just in...
  9. Daryn Alexander

    Storm Digital : Includes voluntary tracking.

    Quote: Originally Posted by braillediver "I hate to see people get ripped off and taken advantage of" If you look at what happened logically- Ken told everyone when the DAC should be ready and about 2 weeks before the date arrived people panicked and they started filing PayPal claims...
  10. Daryn Alexander

    Storm Digital : Includes voluntary tracking.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Superpredator Does it say anything at all to you that COEM, a reputable hi-fi audio retailer, still has a relationship to Ken Law? Are you completely overlooking what John said in his e-mail to you? He said he doesn't like this latest thread. He referred to...
  11. Daryn Alexander

    Storm Digital : Includes voluntary tracking.

    I'm involved, and happen to have a different opinion than "Oh isn't this great, he started talking to us again!" He's always talked. He's been talking. He's lied at every point and when that didn't work he fled completely. We're not talking about small lies like "it'll be finished next week"...
  12. Daryn Alexander

    Review: The new beyerdynamic A1

    I must say, I love the look of the charcoal. Very professional and sleek. Might also match those custom 880's I've had my eye on. I don't see the price as a huge obstacle, results of an Opera test pending. Also, a link to Jensl's nice litle review...
  13. Daryn Alexander

    Review: The new beyerdynamic A1

    Quote: Originally Posted by JensL I had the A1 for two weeks a while back, and did a little writeup. I compared it to my Mapletree tube amp, and found the A1 to beat my beloved MAD on just about everything. Unfortunately, I only had a (modified) Zhaolu D2 as source. Maybe not as...
  14. Daryn Alexander

    Burn-in tones PinkFloyd has some sounds you can run simultaneously through winamp on there.
  15. Daryn Alexander

    Most hilarious song ever

    Quote: Originally Posted by uraflit i don't think anyone can beat me there. (but of course, IMO since this is headfi!) :P I think you're right. I'd forgotten enirely about this song. what makes it funny is that is says "Good...
  16. Daryn Alexander

    Your favorite 'singer/songwriter' PAIRS in rock?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jahn Squeeze is coming on Aug 3-4 to NYC. I am very close to pulling the trigger to see them at the Beacon. Hmm, should I? You should have already done it! I have to settle on Glen Tilbrook and the Fluffers (though his acoustic version of Take Me I'm...
  17. Daryn Alexander

    Your favorite 'singer/songwriter' PAIRS in rock?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Riordan ah yes, the other reid brothers. scottish as well, and the jesus-theme just as pronounced. i wonder what kind of music the four of them would concoct together. blissful gospel-noise anthems, i guess. any more sibling songwriters? The Finn...
  18. Daryn Alexander

    BRITPOP - Best of the Rest

    "I don't know who Shed 7 are, but if they sound like us they must have sold 5 million albums" or some such nonsense from Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers and self-proclaimed lover of BritPop, after someone brought up some similarities of some kind.
  19. Daryn Alexander

    new Interpol album due out July 10th

    Sorry, the bland production ruins it for me. The album itself is a lot better than antics, though.
  20. Daryn Alexander

    NEW! Ryan Adams- Easy Tiger

    Eh. Kinda boring. What I liked about the older albums is that yeah, you had the crap, but the rest was phenomenal.
  21. Daryn Alexander

    BRITPOP - Best of the Rest

    Two albums I've discovered again recently... My Life Story - Joined Up Talking (although their whole catalogue is good) Strangelove - Love And Other Demons (theirs isn't)
  22. Daryn Alexander

    Singlepower extreme - so many for sale right now, why?

    Anyone else disappointed that the opportunity to say "Ground control to Major Tom" was ignored?
  23. Daryn Alexander

    REVIEW: Ray Samuels Audio “Apache” balanced headphone amp/preamp

    That does it. I am getting a second job to afford this. Honest. Thank you for that review, Skylab, but you made me get drool all over my desk.
  24. Daryn Alexander

    Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Thing. Better than I expected !

    Quit hating Avril, people. The songs were fabricated by her corporate masters, same as everyone else. It isn't the poor girl's fault.