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  1. markl

    Fostex TH-600 discontinued / out of production? Get yours now.

    My first post here at good ol' Head-Fi in many years and unfortunately I must be bearer of some potential bad news.   A customer alerted me that the TH-600 was missing from the Fostex website, wanted to know what the deal is. After a few phone calls, here's what we know.   I had a chat with...
  2. markl

    Fostex TH-600 end of production

    My first post here at good ol' Head-Fi in many years and unfortunately I must be bearer of some bad news.   A customer alerted me that the TH-600 was missing from the Fostex website, wanted to know what the deal is. After a few phone calls, here's what we know.
  3. markl

    The Doors- Latest Audio Fidelity Gold CDs by Steve Hoffman

    OK, here's the drill. From the ages of 17-21, if you are lucky enough to be exposed to the music of The Doors within this window, they will have their most profound and penetrating impact on you, reaching deep into your psyche and leaving a scar (especially if you are a male). This stuff will...
  4. markl


    "Bits iz bits" and "all digital is the same" folks need not qualify. Go away and be miserable with your crappy CD-ROM drives and Ipods. What's a SHM-CD? Quote: The high quality SHM-CD (Super High Material CD) format features enhanced audio quality through the use of a special...
  5. markl

    Fun with HDMI cables

    Yeah, they're all the same, bits are bits, digital is digital, blah, blah blah. There I said it already, now the usual suspects don't have to. If you want to discuss how many electrons can dance on the head of a cable, I refer you to the skeptics forum. Go argue there. If you are looking for...
  6. markl

    Johnny Marr- Genius Guitar Man but UTTERLY DEAF

    Johnny Marr- so much to answer for. Just the latest in a long long line of original artists mistakenly entrusted with the precious master tapes of their glory years, only to completely miss the point of their own legacy and utterly butcher the result. Any time you read in the liner notes...
  7. markl

    Totally ignorant-- IPOD Nano alternatives. $200-$300.

    All I care about is sound quality. I currently have an older Nano and all I download to it is .wav files. Full-range, full-rez. No compression. All the music comes from me and my computer, I'm not downloading from another source. The only thing I will use the device for is listening to music...
  8. markl

    Website building/designing/creation software for dummies?

    Help! I'm looking for some (hopefully inexpensive) software that will easily allow a rank amateur newbie first-timer create a credible-looking website. That means no HTML, coding or anything other than simple, intuitive WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop, point-and-click operations. However, I do...
  9. markl

    Hic Sunt Leones (di nuovo)-- Rudistor RP010B (for "Balanced")

    A Balanced vs. Single-Ended Experiment Because I had owned the Sony R10 for years and years, going balanced was never really a feasible option (sending an irreplaceable phone like that out for surgery, no matter how minor, would give anyone pause for thought). But now that I use a more...
  10. markl

    Make the Pledge-- Be a "Beard-O"...

    After 25 years of shaving, I've decided I'm just going to stop. I've had enough. That's right, no more shaving away the potential scruff/fuzz that might grow up to be a proper full-fledged beard. Will it be full and thick? Or, will it be thin and fuzzy? What color will it be? Like...
  11. markl

    Control: The Joy Division movie

    I got this from Netflix. I'm a loooooong-term JD fan. I've read Deborah's book on which this film is based, and a few more on the band, as well as countless articles. I've always loved Anton Corbijn's iconic photos of the band as well as his other work with bands like Depeche Mode. He...
  12. markl

    IsoTek Burn-In CD

    What do ya know, the damn thing works! I've been using this disc on my personal pair of mod-ed Denon D5000s for some days now, and I'm pretty happy with the result. This was a new pair that has been re-cabled. I had about 50 hours of "regular" burn-in on them (normal CDs, played at loud...
  13. markl

    How to remove the pads from the ATH-W5000?

    Hey guys, can someone go into more detail about how the W5000 pads "pull right off"? Mine don't seem to do that, in fact they seem quite stubborn. I don't want to break the headphones trying to get them off. What's the secret here? I see they sort of rotate, is there a certain position they need...
  14. markl

    Portishead 3 (Third)

    I really love this band. Saw them twice live in their heyday. Surprisingly good live band; you wouldn't think they could easily reproduce this stuff live, but they did. They had a great drummer at this time, too. They created this ominous, hovering, evil racket that was other-worldly. Beth...
  15. markl

    Superbad (revisited)

    I just got this from Netflix, and I confess I loved every minute of it. Ate it up just like a classic 80s John Hughes movie. I think this will be seen in years to come as a classic of its genre (teen-sex-comedy). It has it all-- memorable characters, catch-phrases, classic situations/scenes...
  16. markl

    Rilo Kiley-- Under The Black Light

    I've become so jaded and cynical, I knee-jerk reject almost anything that's come out in the last 5 years almost out of habit as being junk by default. It's not my fault, and it's not just me; "rock" music has clearly declined during this time. Real bands with real songs roughly in the "rock"...
  17. markl

    Review: PS Audio Power Plant Premier Power Regenerator

    Review: PS Audio Power Plant Premier Power Regenerator This will be the easiest review I ever wrote. The PS Audio Power Plant Premier works. It does exactly what it says it will. THE END... OK, all well and good, how about some details? Fit 'N...
  18. markl

    Thumbs sadly down on new Joy Division remasters...

    What a drag! Here we have by far the best digital technology currently available to man, far better than anyone else has ever had at their disposal to use in order to remaster ancient analog tape. We have a right to expect that any new "remastered" release of older material will...
  19. markl

    Virtual Dynamics Genesis 1.1 RCA ICs and Power Cable: Impressions and Review

    At last, my long-awaited box from Canada containing my Genesis 1.1 interconnects and a loaner Genesis 1.1 power cable arrived. I ordered my interconnects during the recent X-mas sale. Yes, there was a considerable lead-time to get them, but this was made clear to me up front, and the cables...
  20. markl

    Happy Mondays- Pills, Thrills, & Bellyaches DELUXE

    You know you're getting old when contemporary albums of your day suddenly start to appear in nostalgic Deluxe Editions. "A tacky badge and an extra track" as Morrissey once whined so appropriately. OK, let's deal with that and move on... Here we have the Future of Rock 'N Roll. A future that...
  21. markl

    Jude: May we please have that Skeptics forum soon?

    We were promised the skeptics would have their own little kiddie pool, so they could be segregated away from the Cables forum. What is the status? Can we have this new forum soon?
  22. markl


    It's seldom I hear something played in a record store where I stop the staff to ask what I'm listening to. This time, it was the Pipettes. Un-friggen-believable! Every song is a hit. No lie. If you love old-school girl groups (updated with modern sounds), you'll love this album...
  23. markl

    Where to buy Beyer replacement headband/pad?

    Preferably someplace that accepts Paypal. Thanks!
  24. markl

    How to remove JVC-DX1000 ear pads?

    Anyone know?
  25. markl

    How to remove ear pads on Denon D5000?

    Has anyone attempted to remove the ear pads on their Denon AH-D5000? They gladly peel back so far, but they seem to be attached to the housing via some little plastic straps that hook into the ear pad itself. Has anyone found a way to remove them safely, so that they can be later re-attached...