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  1. lilkoolaidman

    Sennheiser APureSound mod/defoam mod??

    I couldn't find many opinions on this mod here. But I want to confirm if removing the foam from the back of the driver is reversible, and what the sound changes are and if it's even a good idea (I thought I read somewhere that removing it exposes the driver to dust and other harmful things.) I'm...
  2. lilkoolaidman

    Kimber Kable Illuminations/RCA cable?

    Let me start off by saying I don't really believe in SQ differences. I tend to write off any 'difference' I hear as placebo. But, I do believe in durability. So, I'm looking for a cheap, like ~$30, RCA cable to use between my amp and DAC. For this, it doesn't have to be long at all. I've been...
  3. lilkoolaidman

    Tansfer album art from iPod to iTunes?

    I recently got a new iMac and transferred all my music from my iPod using xPort. Senuti didn't work for me. All my music transferred, but any artwork that iTunes wasn't able to find didn't transfer from my iPod.   All artwork is on my iPod and my music is fine, just that it's missing...
  4. lilkoolaidman

    Building a computer (+ pics of yours)

    I really need a new computer and I was thinking about building my own. So I looked to Newegg's DIY combos and will probably get one of those. However, I want to make sure I have all the necessary things. Let's say I get this (haven't really decided). The only thing I would need to add is an HDD...
  5. lilkoolaidman

    Cheap HD580/600/650 cable?

    Although I haven't had a problem with the stock cable on my HD580s, It's just way to stringy and I would like to "upgrade" to something with more durability (Maybe more aesthetically pleasing). However, I don't want to pay even $100 for a pair of headphones that cost me $100 to begin with. After...
  6. lilkoolaidman

    HD 25-1 ii Originals "Adidas" Like, Love, or Hate?

      I'm simply curious about how most Head-Fiers feel about the Adidas styling on the HD 25-1s, so I started a poll. Is it sexy? Too flashy? Fashionable?
  7. lilkoolaidman

    Kicker IEMs?

    I was looking through a best buy ad and saw that they offered these IEMs free with a purchase of kicker products totaling $100 or more. I'm really just more curious than anything, has anyone heard them? Obviously they'd be very bass dominant and probably muddy, and I can't imagine anything by...
  8. lilkoolaidman

    Oh, look, it's another price-range-recommendation-thread.

    Alright, so let's get down to it. I searched around here on Head-Fi for IEMs around $300. I'm looking at Shure SE425s, 530s (or other Shures, not familiar with their line-up TBH), IE8s, TF10s, or some Westone 3s. I just recently bought some MTPC and after a few days the left driver died, so to...
  9. lilkoolaidman

    Monster Turbine Pro Gold vs. Copper vs. MD

    Since I haven't had luck in my searches at least in finding a good thread, I am asking for myself. I have always liked turbines and dynamic IEMs in general, despite what others say, so I have been looking at turbines for this reason. Now what I understand, is that the golds are warm and bass...
  10. lilkoolaidman

    Rattling in right driver of HD580

    As the title suggests, I've lately noticed that when I listen to songs with punchy bass, such as Hip-Hop, the right driver makes a rattling noise. I guess similar to Grado grattle, except Senn grattle. Could it be a bad driver or just a hair or particle stuck inside. If it is the driver, could I...
  11. lilkoolaidman

    Internet Tablets?

    I'm looking to get an internet tablet, as the title suggests, and I want to know, besides the iPad, what is there? I've looked at Archos and a few others. Preferably, I would want something cheaper than the iPad, and capacity is not an issue since I'll be using for mostly internet. I've also...
  12. lilkoolaidman

    Which site to buy from?

    I'm planning on getting a Fiio E7, and I know that both Miccastore and Head-Direct carries them. However, my friend told me that if I got it from Head-Direct that it would ship from China. Does Miccastore also ship from China? If so, it doesn't make a difference where I get it, but I don't want...
  13. lilkoolaidman

    Brookstone "iDesign Wafer Thin" ipod dock

    Has anyone heard these? I heard them today and can honestly say I was quite impressed. Not that they are the best things I've ever heard but for $200 it's a wonderful little sleek system. What I was surprised about was how thin the speakers were and how wide their range was. They could almost be...
  14. lilkoolaidman

    Free ALAC to WMA Lossless Converter

    I want to put all my ALAC on to my mom's Zune but Zune won't convert it so I want to know of a good (free) audio converter. thanks
  15. lilkoolaidman

    Do headphones take on the sound of the EQ you use?

    I've been thinking about this lately and was wondering, for example, if you were to use a treble booster on headphones, would they eventually gain treble? I doubt it would, but has anyone ever tried/experienced this?
  16. lilkoolaidman

    HD 555 vs. HD485

    I'm looking into open headphones that can be used for gaming and sometimes music (the music being mostly rock, rap, and electronic). So far, I've narrowed it down to the 555s and the 485s. The main thing I'm looking for is a good soundstage, and for gaming, good bass response. Now, the 485s are...
  17. lilkoolaidman

    Why do people prefer Sony Hybrid tips?

    I've noticed a lot of people use Sony Hybrids instead of stock tips and I wonder why. Is it the sound? the comfort? what? Just wondering.
  18. lilkoolaidman

    ATH-CKS70 vs. MDR-XB40EX vs. ?

    I'm thinking about getting the ATH-CKS70 but seeing as how they are meant to compete with Sony's XB series, how do they compare? My guess is the Sonys are awfully muddy but maybe not. I'm just looking for IEMs with bass you can "feel" for over no more than $90. However, one thing common with...
  19. lilkoolaidman

    AL UHP336 vs HD212

    I know It's hard to compare an IEM to full-size, but with both being broke in, how do they compare in terms of soundstage, mids, and overall SQ? I currently have the HD212s and that's all I have for reference. And I ordered the ALs so too late for suggestions. If they don't compare, how are...
  20. lilkoolaidman

    Is there a difference in SQ of two lossless files?

    If you have a WMA lossless file in like 920kbps and one in 740kbps, is there an audible difference in SQ between the two?
  21. lilkoolaidman

    Open headphones $100 or less

    My birthday is coming up in october and I was thinking about asking for some open headphones. Now, let me first say this, I don't care for Grado. I think Grados are too bright and cold sounding and I just don't like that. I like my bass to be punchy and extending. I also like a bit of a warm and...
  22. lilkoolaidman

    Issues with lossless.

    Is there a difference between WAV and Apple lossless or WMA Lossless. I've heard there is a difference but why wouldn't lossless mean flippin lossless? All WMA or ALAC does is compress the files with out data loss. So how can you NOT hear detail that was never lost? Are certain lossless formats...
  23. lilkoolaidman

    Looking for IEMs. Recommendations?

    Some time in the future, I think I'll get some IEMs and I want to know what might be good for me. they should probably be around $100 cuz I never really get more than that. I listen to mostly Rap, Rock, and Techno I am a Basshead (I enjoy my HD212s so I'm ridiculous when it comes to bass)...
  24. lilkoolaidman

    computer speakers for $100?

    I hope I chose the right place to post this, if I'm wrong forgive me. But anywhodles, what are the best speakers for a computer under $100 USD? I need them mostly for music (more bass-heavy music so subwoofer should be able to handle it), space is not an issue, I definitely want either 2.1...
  25. lilkoolaidman

    Customizable Headphones?

    A long long time ago a friend of mine was looking at some headphones online that you could customize, and I can't remember what they were, and I was wondering if anyone might know what I'm talking about. No, they were not iFrogz and I remember they were rather expensive (about $500). I'm not...