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  1. cotdt


    I got this mysterious tube on eBay and want to make an amp out of it, but problem is I don't know what it is, making it hard to find another one. I need to find another one in order to make an amp out of it. Anybody knows who makes this tube? The model is Silvertone 55X based on what it says on...
  2. cotdt

    San Diego Head-fires?

    How many of you are head-fiers who live in San Diego? I think San Diego is a perfect place to listen to headphones. The place is always sunny, so you are happy and can enjoy headphones all the time. That is why I think there are so many head-fires in San Diego, but so few of them are active...
  3. cotdt

    Woo6 versus Doge 6210 shootout

    I went to Aaron's place today and we had a minimeet. What a blast! As you all know, the Woo6 and Doge 6210 are transformer-coupled tube amps that are known to sound tubey, unlike the Darkvoices and many OTLs I've heard which sound very solid state. They are also known to be able to drive low...
  4. cotdt

    What CD Players can play MP3 and output digital?

    I'm looking for a transportable CD Player that can also play MP3s (either burned onto the CD or from a memory stick), and output the digital signal to my DAC. I'm hoping to just buy it commercially for a decent price. If not, I'll have to get a laptop, which is expensive. Or modify a car...
  5. cotdt

    Smallest 0.22uF film capacitor

    Hi, I'm looking for the smallest 0.22uF film capacitor for a high frequency filter. Paper in oil is also fine. It needs to be rated for at least 50V but not too high or they get too big. Most of the good caps I see are rated at 400V or more, so they are overkill, which is fine except that they...
  6. cotdt

    Anyone in SoCal with Ultrasones I can listen to?

    Anyone in SoCal with Ultrasones I can listen to? I'm really curious about them, and how they compare to the other headphones I've heard. In turn, you might also be interested in hearing my equipment I've collected over the years.
  7. cotdt

    What headphone has the most bass output?

    What headphone has the most bass output and slam without distorting or clipping? I'm looking for open full-sized headphones, with lots and lots of bass output. I'm not really going to listen to them much, but experiment with their drivers, and performs tests on them. They may not survive, since...
  8. cotdt

    Direct-heated Triode Tube amp

    Does anyone make a single-ended direct-heated triode tube amp (SE-DHT) for headphones? One that has zero background hum? It's OK if the amp is designed for speakers, because so long as there is no hum, it can easily be adapted for headphones. I would prefer 2A3 or 45 as tubes. It must have that...
  9. cotdt

    Need balanced discrete buffer

    Are there any discrete buffer designs for balanced sources? Instead of using an amp I would prefer a buffer since balanced sources already have a high voltage. I don't want opamps I want discrete. Readily available PCBs would also be nice.
  10. cotdt

    What other things are headphones good for?

    I know headphones can be used as microphones, but what else are they good for?
  11. cotdt

    SET headphone amps

    Anyone know who makes single-ended triode headphone amps? I'm looking to either buy or build one.
  12. cotdt

    Differential Headphone Amp

    A friend built this amp and let me hear it. And DAMN it sounds amazing! Fast, accurate, and nothing to color the sound. It blows away all the other amps I've heard, and even more so in its price category. Has anyone else built and heard this amp...