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  1. Sinbios

    Buffered amp project - Fuse keeps blowing

    This the reason why the datasheet exists :P Max supply voltage: 36V Max quiescent current draw: 5mA/amp, so for the 2134 it'd be 10mA total.
  2. Sinbios

    good soldering station

    Personally I don't like sponges. The sudden change in temperature when the iron touches the sponge damages the integrity of the metal, or at least changes the structure of the material. Go to the dollar store and pick up some brass wool for a buck, they clean much nicer and won't damage the iron.
  3. Sinbios

    Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by n_maher I need some advice on checking continuity of the 2702 connections. I tried the "flood and suck" method of soldering my first one down tonight and while the results look good (no visible bridges under heavy magnification) my first test of pins one and...
  4. Sinbios

    Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread

    How exactly would the inductor be implemented in the DAC?
  5. Sinbios

    plz, advise good multimeter on

    I have a Fluke 8062A, inherited from my dad when he left for China, and just now found out how much it's worth new... It's a great meter, served me well for the past few years and a lot more years for my dad. I'd definitely recommend checking out some of Fluke's discontinued 80xx series...
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    Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by robzy Crap! I just got my digikey order before, and it apears i ordered the wrong ferrites. Would FERRITE ARRAY 400MA 75 OHMS SMD work? It apears as if it can be made to fit. Rob. [edit]: And can you really hear the difference between 5v and 5.4v? We are...
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    Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread

    MASantos: Ah, digikey doesn't carry a wide range for the Silmics so I didn't see the 10V. I'd certainly be interested in obtaining a few. Alf, any thoughts on the power supply?
  8. Sinbios

    Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by MASantos What do you guys think of using Elna Silmic II 47uF 6.3V? I am thinking of using these in all positions except for C2. Using these instead of panasonic FC's is only a few bucks. Would someone be interested in a group buy? I think the only...
  9. Sinbios

    Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread

    0.4V? Ouch, my USB outputs about perfect 5.0V, so I need to set the regulator output to 4.6V? Won't performance suffer quite a bit at those levels?
  10. Sinbios

    Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread

    How is the USB 5v output related to the formula Vout = (1 + R31 / R32) * Vref?
  11. Sinbios

    Good solder options?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Teerawit Where do they claim to use a "secret ingredient?" It's explicitly said that the quad-eutectic mixture uses tin, lead, silver, and copper. The ratio of mixture is the "secret ingredient". The Cardas FAQ claims that the quadeutectic's composition...
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    Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread

    The 4.7uF Elna Silmic II are available at digikey, and they fit the size requirements as well.
  13. Sinbios

    Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread

    Why 47uF? Wouldn't 4.7uF be sufficient?
  14. Sinbios

    Impedence adapter??

    Yes, the - is ground and should be as low in resistance as possible.
  15. Sinbios

    Something very strange with AD8620

    Are you sure it was oriented correctly?
  16. Sinbios

    DIY Amp for either HD 580 or K501

    It all depends on how much you want to spend building it. CMoy - ~$30 MINT - ~$60 PIMETA - ~$100
  17. Sinbios

    Soldering suggestions?

    Quote: Originally Posted by bladeweaver The Hakko 936 looks perfect. While the thread is going, what type of tip would you guys reccomend for small parts work? I like a thin conical for really small smd work, and a bevel or chisel tip with only a little bit of edge for through hole.
  18. Sinbios

    Cheap but Good soldering iron

    Quote: Originally Posted by Tedro In Soviet Russia, we use Soldering Guns!! Shouldn't that have gone "In Soviet Russia, soldering guns use you"?
  19. Sinbios

    Cheap Hakko

    40W's a bit high for fine electronics work... 15-30W is what you're looking for.
  20. Sinbios

    PCM2702 USB DAC Revision B

    99.99% isopropyl is probably your best bet. Those are like a buck a litre at the grocery store around here.
  21. Sinbios

    Star Quad Cable Question: Shield as ground?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Garbz If you like it and it sounds good why mess with it. There's nothing wrong really with using the shield as a conductor providing the cable is short. The cable is unbalanced. Blindly unconnecting one side of the cable will result in a very loud...
  22. Sinbios

    Post Pics of your tools or workbenches!

    I've since moved my workstation, this is from a while ago: You guys are way too neat :P
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    Mozart's Lacrimosa, Solo Version?

    Any ideas?
  24. Sinbios

    PCM2702 USB DAC Revision B

    So, when will the prototyping stage be over? I'm excited for the final version!
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    DIY FS/FT forum!

    Quote: Originally Posted by MASantos If the cost is only parts cost... Comercial sales are not allowed in the FS forums. So people are going to put together kits for sale and not for projects, etc, since it's going to be a FS forum, out of the goodness of their hearts? I don't...