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  1. Armament

    I need help choosing a DAC/AMP combo for my needs.

    Hello all. I have been struggling to find a good DAC/AMP recently for my setup. I currently run powered studio monitors and headphones. My budget is around $5k. Ideally an all in one unit, but I would be fine with a separate DAC/AMP. At the top of my list is the Benchmark HPA4/DAC3 combo but the...
  2. Armament

    Looking for a really nice headphone for classical music.

    Hello guys. I'm in the market for a headphone that pairs amazingly with classical music and more vocal music. I currently have an LCD-2 non-fazor which we all know is a darker sounding headphone. I have around $1,000 to spend. My current amp and DAC are a Schiit Mjolnir and a Sonore exD USB DAC...
  3. Armament

    How to connect a Note 3 to portable amp?

    Hey guys. I just bought a TTVJ portable headphone amplifier with built in DAC for $150. I have Audeze LCD-2 and Beyerdynamic T-1 headphones coming in within a few days. I plan to use the Beyerdynamic headphones for travel and the Audeze headphones for my home setup. Anyway, the seller gave me a...
  4. Armament

    New here and new to high end audio. Have questions about HD800..

    Salutations friends! I literally made this account 10 minutes ago, however I have been stalking these forums for a few months now. Anyway.. I had questions about the HD800 headphones. I'll start from the beginning. In the times of past I have been listening to mostly the earphones that come...