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  1. arbiter76

    LG V50 ThinQ Smartphone

    have you tried g series? different but same mostly.
  2. arbiter76

    EarStudio HE100 Impressions, Reviews & Discussions

    I bet you never judge ear equipment like you did the first time again.
  3. arbiter76

    Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

    Hard to find info. Mine should be here in about 10 days or so.
  4. arbiter76

    Topping NX4

    NX4DSD 4 PRESIDENT. :L3000::L3000::L3000:
  5. arbiter76

    Best Smartphone for audiophile Part II (Updated: Jan 2020)

    is the ROG 5 dac really 9280? I didn't believe the new THX dongle was 9281 but it is. ESS numbering is weird also. That said, does the pro moniker mean it is not a mobile version?
  6. arbiter76

    Can someone recommend a good lightening to 3.5mm potable dac ?

    You're going to be hard pressed to find a single cable solution with Apple.
  7. arbiter76

    What type of 2.5mm cable is this?

    Also looks similar to something Oyaide would make.
  8. arbiter76

    A Comprehensive Questionnaire about Portable USB DAC/Headphone amplifier

    I took the survey and won a lifetime supply of Fiio. In other news, how about keeping the Q5S TC in stock or let the public know it is discontinued or AKM or similar shortage? Replaceable, purchaseable batteries for the public to buy. Adds low risk but high value to your products.
  9. arbiter76

    Looking for a well built DAP that supports Tidal.

    Used LG V or G series phone. Topping NX1s amp if you need moar powah.
  10. arbiter76

    DAP solution all in one or BT

    I say start with an ES100, Qudelix 5k or Fiio BTR5. They're all popular and all have their pros and cons but all sound great. For the price of a mid range DAP you can try all 3 and rotate. You'd be surprised at the liberation once you figure out how to attach excess cord wherever. Heck on...
  11. arbiter76

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    Im sorry but i have to ask. Those look heavy. Do you have to get into 6yo mode and oretend youre launching missiles off a destroyer and make rocket noises as you insert those into your ear? 😳😂😂
  12. arbiter76

    The Qudelix-5K thread

    I have the opposite problem of you. I love the button setup on the qudelix and it's bluetooth is noticeably more consistent with less stutter or dropouts compared to the es100. My problem is do I want absolute convenience and slightly lesser sound or good ole warm AKM in my ears. <-- that...
  13. arbiter76

    Topping NX4

    what say you about the connectors? lots of negativ reviews saying loose/staticy/defective and as you mentioned the heft. lots saying they sound damn good though.
  14. arbiter76

    Topping NX4

    damn. excellent headphone amp too. best $159.99 I've spent ever. I had to redo my DIY velcro to accomodate my V20 and my note 9.
  15. arbiter76

    Good portable DAC/AMP for mixing on the go?

    yeah, which 770? I have the 250 ohm and love it on the only serious damp I have, a CD5. Many people like the 80 ohm version better because of sound and the lower impedance. I want to get one but feel like it's redundant. Also, the iFi hip dac drinks up battery like nobody's business even...
  16. arbiter76

    Good portable DAC/AMP for mixing on the go?

    Topping NX4 perhaps? I have one in transit so can't comment personally but it has good reviews, measures well, in your price range and has power to drive all those. Qudelix 5k or Radsone ES100 both with bluetooth but neither are going to push higher resistance hardware very well, even the Q5K...
  17. arbiter76

    FiiO Q5S TC...

    welp. the TC popped up on amazon with 4 units and gone in ~24h. They were $450 even too. already paying a premium at $360 for something that measures poorly and has little power for it's size. Sigh. Sucks. The Q5S TC was very enticing for also having bluetooth. :triportsad:
  18. arbiter76

    The Qudelix-5K thread

    I agree. A little bright but not fatiguing. The mids are the most in your face. I do think the Q5K has better detail retrieval. I am still putting my 5k through it's paces and it's growing on me, but I think mostly because better reception, easier to control and form factor. I will probably...
  19. arbiter76

    FiiO Q5S TC...

    I exhausted all places that sell fiio. nowhere to be found, even aliexpress. I don't think I will be buying it though. I read the ASR review of it again and for the price it should measure considerably better and many cite it's lack of power, with a THX module even. and many mentions of fiio...
  20. arbiter76

    The Qudelix-5K thread

    I broke down and got the qudelix 5k. I had high expectations from most saying they like it better than the es100. I'm torn. I like the es100 sound better. I like the Q5k form factor, buttons, app is better, more power, type c USB and the weighty feel. I just got it today but iirc, 3.5mm...
  21. arbiter76

    FiiO Q5S TC...

    I figured some people in here might know. I will email Fiio about it soon. As far AKM, my Marantz pre pro is AKM and I like it alot. Now you got me thinking should I look for ESS to hook up to the pre pro for comparison. But honestly, Fiio has a decent track record and I like the DAC on...
  22. arbiter76

    FiiO Q5S TC...

    Ugh. I am still looking. Think the Evergreen boat or the pileup has some more? Fiio hasn't said anything afaik. ebay has some jacked up prices but there's not a lot. not a lot out there with usb type c or have to spend more. argh. and going to have to wait for more competition to come...
  23. arbiter76

    FiiO Q5S TC...

    i only have one pair of 250o hp and it is not balanced. beyer 770. and the only pair of balanced iems I own I actually prefer se because the dynamic range and bass are slightly better. balanced they don't have enough bass.