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  1. Focusrite 2i2 3rd Gen Audio Interface

    Switching to van life so selling all of my desktop oriented audio gear. This device has been amazing as my daily driver for my microphone. It is an Audio interface so the uses are many. It acts as a DAC/Headphone Amp and also has great XLR inputs for microphone connection with studio...
  2. Monoprice Liquid Platinum Amp

    switching to van life so selling all of my desktop oriented gear. Saving up for some nice IEMs. Here is my Liquid Platinum Amp. It’s been my daily driver for about a year now. I’m original owner. Comes with power supply, power cables, pair of XLR cables, and 2 Matching pair J&J E88CC tubes...
  3. SMSL SU-9

    Switching to van life so selling off all of my desktop oriented gear so I can afford some good IEMs. Here is my SMSL-SU9 DAC! She’s in great shape! Purchased Nov 2021 and used moderately. Also comes with power cable, Remote, Bluetooth dongle, and USB. Asking price is $345. Shipping & PayPal...
  4. pichu

    Singxer SU-2

    Sort of on topic and sort of off. How much is a Kitsune Spring 2 Level 2 going for rn used?
  5. pichu

    Monoprice Monolith Liquid Platinum - By Alex Cavalli

    Hey man! I just wanted to give some input on the Vioelectric stuff. They are heavier in the bass and drown out vocals more than any other amp ive owned. I sold in favor of the Liquid Platinum. If you like heavier bass in your sound you can go for it, but i felt like it took a lot away from the...
  6. pichu

    Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

    So, with some more troubleshooting with Jussi, turns out the Ultrarendu is limiting my ability to do anything higher than dsd512 and 768kHz. So hooked the Spring 2 directly to my PC and still had no luck! So, he had me put it into a usb 3.0 port and it worked. Guess it just needed some more...
  7. pichu

    Singxer SU-1 Owners

    The Singxer def sounds off to me, but im not sure if its just how it is, or apart of the technical issues i seem to be having. And yes, 384 kHz works fine for me too. Its anything above that PCM rate that i start having problems. Have you had any luck above that sampling rate? What DAC are you...
  8. pichu

    Singxer SU-1 Owners

    Hey all! Just wanted to check if anyone using the SU-2 was using hqplayer also. Im having a problem with my SU-2 and Spring 2 R2R DAC. Through hqplayer, I cant play any PCM above 384kHz. The audio just comes out super distorted and static. Also, in DSD the audio channels seem as if they are...
  9. pichu

    Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

    Thank you! I sent Tim an email to see what he has to say about it. Its frustrating when things dont work how they're supposed to but hopefully I can get it figured out. I bought it specifically so i could do 768 kHz through hqplayer and i2s.
  10. pichu

    Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

    hey im using the Su-2 KTE. Its the newest one. Says in i2s it supports all sampling rates ( 768kHz, DSD 1024) Not sure what to do about the switches on the bottom. On the su6 do you have them setup a certain way?
  11. pichu

    Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

    Hey all! I know many of you are using a Singxer product fed with hdmi to the spring 2. For those of you who are doing that and using HQPlayer, I have a question! Whenever I set HQPlayer to output PCM, I get an insanely distorted sound and screeching and shrilling noise from my music played...
  12. pichu

    Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

    Does anyone have an explanation of the different settings on the DAC? in regard to NOS, OS, OS PCM, DSD, etc. Like if I have it set to NOS and then oversample in Roon, what is happening exactly with the NOS setting in the DAC? And if i switch it to OS mode, but im oversampling through ROON, what...
  13. pichu

    Intro - John in Seattle

    Hey John! Nice setup and welcome to the community. I feel you on the having champagne taste with beer money haha. Many people here will feel the same. Feel free to ask questions and explore! My DM's are always open if you have any questions and of course so are the forums. Cheers, Jonathan
  14. pichu

    Which Output Schiit Modi 3 Have?

    Hey! So if you have powered speakers you wont have/need a preamp. The powered speakers have a DAC and Amplifier built in to the chassis of the speaker. My guess is youre trying to have some form of volume control that is physical/analog instead of digital. Look to get something like the...
  15. pichu

    Looking for open back headphones

    Def get a used HD600. its your best bet for a neutral sound in that budget. Also take a look at the AKG K612 Pro, if youre looking to buy new! Cheers, Jonathan
  16. pichu

    Gaming headphones advice for PS4

    What do you find wrong with your current setup? If you are buying a new headset for footsteps and competitive gaming, you wont find any benefit to changing. If your looking to change it up for music and such, then things can be done differently. Cheers, Jonathan
  17. pichu

    DAC advise needed, upgradeitis is setting in!

    Are you sure the $230 USB cable isnt the bottleneck? :D, jk. Why do you want mqa and dsd? because you want the features or because you've heard them and can tell a difference/like them? im assuming you heard it on the directsream and like it. If youre sure you need an mqa/dsd capable dac with a...
  18. pichu

    Plz recommend headphone like W80

    First off, the translation is good and i understand you easy. Based on what you want i reccomend the Sennheiser hd800. Itll give you that space and seperation you want. I personally like the HD800S version. Dont overthink the hobby. Try to buy used so you can get your money back if you choose to...
  19. pichu

    First Post

    Welcome to the community! Ask your questions in all of the diverse threads, and feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions to getting started! Cheers, Jonathan
  20. pichu

    Cd player recommendation

    Cambridge Audio CXC. Really awesome CD Player. Doesnt have built in DAC, so youll need an external but it really kick ass man. If you want a built in DAC, i can reccomend the Marantz Cd6006. I cant recc spending more than $500 USD on a cdplayer. Ive heard CD players costing thousands. I wouldnt...
  21. pichu

    What should I choose between an mp3 player and the kz zsn pro and the kz s1 alone

    Why are these both your options? Whats your budget? Is it worth fixing the headphone jack? How important is quality sound? Wireless wont be as good as an equally comparable wired alternate. But getting a DAP / mp3 player opens up a whole other can of worms that can get in depth pretty quick...
  22. pichu

    Ultrasone upgrade

    Hey! I owned the 580 and 780 Ultrasones about a decade back. Trust me when i tell you theres a lot of good and better options that wont break the bank. If youre an EDM junkie youll want the EMU Teak. I know you like the Ultrasones, but the EMU Teak is certainly the best EDM headphone. Its...
  23. pichu

    Dac/Soundcard/else? What to pick.

    Itll be best to get external gear. since you seem to be having problems with noise in your computer, you should get an external DAC and an AMP. Get something simple like the Schiit Heressy for under $150 USD. Its a DAC and headphone amp in one. I promise youll be content with it! Cheers, Jonathan
  24. pichu

    Sold mostly everything and Looking for a new setup

    Ill try to add something to the convo, but dismissing Schiit, JDS, Topping, AudioGD/ chinese sellers, you're making this hard when you consider your budget. With those requirements, go for the SDAC and pair with Eddie Current ZDT jr and 6xx. thats a clean setup until youre able to spend couple...