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  10. morsel

    PPA builders' thread

    I just updated the PPA website at with a small section on wiring considerations: Signal ground is input ground, not output ground. Output ground is the output of the ground channel. It exists solely to drive headphones. It is not a true ground. Do not connect signal...
  11. morsel

    Need information on Balanced M^3 : impressions, configurations, layout...?

    The 3 channel design of the M³ already gives some of the benefit of a balanced configuration. What little I have heard from balanced M³ owners suggests it is not worth the trouble and expense. Have you seen amb's new β22 project? It is a no compromise all discrete design that outspecs the...
  12. morsel

    Banana plug benefits

    There is no need for expensive "audiophile" banana plugs. I use the classic Pomona double banana plugs, which cost about $2-3 and come in many colors. Model MDP or 1330 are good.
  13. morsel

    PINT Problem

    175mA is definitely too high. Typical current draw using 2 9V batteries is around 50mA. Something must be getting warm.
  14. morsel

    PINT Problem

    I am so scatterbrained, thank goodness amb remembers these details. We Mini³ified our PINT weeks ago. I wasn't going to mention the pcb surgery, as the ferrites should also work inside the feedback loop, but perhaps not for the ground channel, since it has no feedback resistor to isolate the...
  15. morsel

    PINT or Mini^3???

    The PINT will be cheaper if you put it in a mint tin, as the Serpac H65 cases are about $13. The PINT is SMD, the Mini³ is through hole, and vaporware, I might add, as there is no telling when we will finish it. If you want something in the near future, get a PINT. If you want the PINT to sound...
  16. morsel

    PINT Observations

    splaz, if you build it with high DC offset or hook it up to a source with high DC offset, it will just sound bad, not wreck your headphones. The fear of DC offset damaging headphones is exaggerated and generally unwarranted.
  17. morsel

    PINT Observations

    Quote: I was surprised how much hiss came from the PINT when I didn't have music playing. With lower impendance cans (I tried my PX200's, 32ohm) the hiss is very noticeable at gain of 6, almost to the point of annoyance. Tangent has suggested the presence of input capacitors on the...
  18. morsel

    Looks like the Pint is almost there.

    Quote: A quiestion just crossed my mind, which version of the AD8397 should we use? The epad version or the "normal" one? Doesn't the pint need extra heat dissipation as the mini3? amb and I built a Mini³ified PINT using the AD8397ARDZ with EPAD. It works perfectly. We believe this...
  19. morsel

    Microscope? Magnifier? What do you use?

    I use Fisherman Eyewear Flip 'N' Focus 3 diopter clip on magnifying lenses on my glasses. I got them from a local drugstore for about $10.
  20. morsel

    NEW BEYER REFRESH TOO! 990, 880, 770!

    A reply from beyerdynamic: Thank you very much for your message and your interest in our products. Concerning your request we would like to inform you that you can order DT 990 w/ 600 Ohms easily at our online shop at Orders from the USA will be accepted. If...
  21. morsel

    TPA6120 or LT1210 ?

    Thanks for your reply, Nate. No idea who Rick is ranting about. Obviously it isn't me, since I design amps for fun as a community service and accept no money. Goodsound, each of the chips discussed here has benefits and liabilities. Some of these issues are rather complicated and boil down to...
  22. morsel

    TPA6120 or LT1210 ?

    Many people believe the AD8397 is a better choice for a headphone amp. The only public development being done with this chip is on Headwize. Goodsound does not have to buy anything, merely read about the work being done to see if he likes the idea of using the AD8397 instead of the TPA6120 or...
  23. morsel

    TPA6120 or LT1210 ?

    Have you seen the PINT and Mini³ projects? They use the AD8397.
  24. morsel

    Oscilloscope Uses

    Door stop, window prop, cat heater, egg beater, gerbil hut, biplane strut, its uses are only limited by your imagination. OK, another answer. Get a signal generator so you can observe sine and square wave response of amps you are testing.
  25. morsel

    Electrical Grounding

    "and there is voltage in the ground plane." What ground plane? Don't wire your metal bench to anything or mess with house wiring as long as you don't know what you are doing. Assuming you don't want to hire an electrician to check things out, get a good book on the subject, or find a web site...