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  1. Surge74

    World's first portable Hybrid Valve Headphone Amplifier (with a footprint smaller than most cellphones).

    I have been using mine with an iPad Pro (large screen). No issues with distortion - just keep the iPad volume at ~75%.   However, even the slightest movement will cause microphonic ringing... I knew about this before I ordered, but I didn't know it was quite so sensitive. Your really have to...
  2. Surge74

    WA-234 MONO: The Latest Amplifier from Woo Audio

    Is there an actual owners' forum for the 234?
  3. Surge74

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

      Many people think otherwise. Certainly the PS Audio people do - but you could argue they are biased and are trying to sell their own power regenerators. Search online though and you'll see that PS Audio is not alone.   I certainly wouldn't use a simple surge protector on high end audio...
  4. Surge74

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    Really?! You try reading it instead of posting a condescending remark.
  5. Surge74

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    Any chance we can learn what tubes David1961 is using is his bhse that make it sound so much better than stock, apparently?
  6. Surge74

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    The answer you're looking for doesn't exist. Be prepared to wait -- for an uncertain period of time. When I ordered mine in spring of 2013, I was told it would be shipping in July of that year! I just got it a few weeks ago. So it's been a "little" late. But I still love it and don't regret...
  7. Surge74

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    I use a PS Audio P5 AC regenerator and have a low end Shunyata cord connecting it to the BHSE. I have not compared the sound with and without the P5 for the bhse specifically, but the P5 made a significant difference with the rest of my gear, so it can only improve the bhse.
  8. Surge74

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    The Woo WES is an example of an amp that is unusable with unbalanced inputs. I used to own one, and there was way too much noise and a kind of hum when using the RCA inputs. Jack Woo sent me new tubes but it wasn't that. The design just doesn't work with single ended inputs, it's mislieading to...
  9. Surge74

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    They are black jacks. I recall reading in this thread that Justin no longer uses Stax jacks, as they are not available? I didn't apply a lot of force- I got up from my couch (the amp is above and behind me), and as I did so, the Stax cord got pulled down, and this put downward pressure on the...
  10. Surge74

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

      Not a good idea.  UPSs restrict current, which will reduce the dynamic range.   I have my BHSE connected to a PS Audio P5 A/C regenerator.  You can connect a backup battery to that, but I don't think it's necessary as the P5 will provide surge and voltage fluctuation is not an issue.
  11. Surge74

    New headphone amplifier from McIntosh Labs, the D100.

    Too bad there's only a digital input
  12. Surge74

    New Ultrasone Edition 5 hinted in the Fujiya Avice Autumn Festival 2013

    B&H has them. Until I see a review that says they're as good or better than the SR-009s.... Forget it!
  13. Surge74

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    No, not necessarily, it's anodized because you can't really clear coat aluminum.
  14. Surge74

    The Stax thread (New)

    Thanks guys. It's not easy to joke online as it's hard to interpret. I know I'm somewhat "anal retentive" but after spending so much money, I'm being extra cautious I suppose.
  15. Surge74

    The Stax thread (New)

    In my Oppo 95 -> Realizer A8 -> PS Audio PWDII DAC -> Woo WES -> Stax SR-009 setup, on 2 occasions there was a clipped signal being fed to the SR-009s. Worried that this may have damaged the drivers in the SR-009.  Would it be audible if damaged?   On a few occasions the Realizer A8 clipped...
  16. Surge74

    SR009 / WES / BHSE / LL hit the mainstream

    Let me throw out another consideration: if one uses the Realizer A8, do the differences among the WES, BHSE, and LL become more minor? Since the A8 is equalizing the sound and simulating other speakers anyway, won't the individual differences of each amp wash out?
  17. Surge74

    SR009 / WES / BHSE / LL hit the mainstream

    Spritzer, your comments are appreciated (although way over my head). I am ordering a BHSE to compare for myself and will sell the one I like the least. I wish Jack Woo would contribute here...
  18. Surge74

    SR009 / WES / BHSE / LL hit the mainstream

    Referring to Tyll's review, does anyone have any thoughts on his conclusions for the Woo WES?   I own one, and would be interested in knowing how to improve the shortcoming Tyll describes:        
  19. Surge74

    Stax Interview and Factory tour 12/12/12

    Great review, thanks for posting!   I am a bit skeptical on where the earspeakers are made, as the answers to this question were quite vague.  But... clearly, they are at least checked and final assembled(?) in Japan.
  20. Surge74

    The Stax thread (New)

    I just noticed on my brand new SR-009s that the black 'felt' material lining the inside of the headphones (covering the electrostatic grills) is loose.  It is not drawn taught against the drivers, and it has come up in some places.  It's totally loose on both sides... is this normal?
  21. Surge74

    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    Would love to hear advice- Want the best sound possible and to keep the headphones for decades. Budget $7500 (amp and cans) Thinking of the Stax SR-009 and Stax 007tII amp. I listen mainly to movies (Bluray) via the Oppo 95 which I'll connect to the Stax using XLR balanced cables. Don't...
  22. Surge74

    Question about amps for the Stax SR-009

    Quote: Would you be able to share the contact info of the modder you used?  I would like to get my 727 power supply upgraded.   Thanks
  23. Surge74

    Auditioned STAX new SR-009

    Hello,   I just bought a pair of SR-009s... my first electrostatic can.  Will definitely be a huge improvement over my Grado 125s !   I am contemplating the driver, and am leaning towards the Stax 727 A/II, as it seems to be a better overall pair vs. the 007 tube amp.   My question...
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