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    Southern California CAN MEET 10.18.08 - It's ON! -

    - 10.18.08 - - 100% Can Meet Certified - NEW INFO -- IMPORTANT DATE TO REMEMBER Only about a week until the LAX Can Meet on Saturday, October 18, 2008. Interested in attending the event and yet to acquire advance admission? Here’s a very important cutoff date to remember, Thursday...
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    Abbey Road Webcam

    use the crosswalk and look both ways
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    The truth be told It's very upsetting. Why do our ears hastily associate louder with (this false sense of) better sound quality? IMO, that's why it's so important to ensure the levels are exactly the same when one does any serious A/B comparisons. Because on first blush louder even just...
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    6moons: Eddie Current Zana Deux

    Looky here... the 6moons Zana Deux review. Now I need to read it.
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    Show your Instrument(s)

    Here’s one of my guitars. Martin D-28 (1963)
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    Probably one of the best "true" crime movies I've ever seen. A riveting and chilling thriller, if you like this type of flick a must see.
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    Here’s something that doesn’t happen everyday!

    I’ll start by saying what are the odds that the course of events would put me in the right place at the right time…. And here’s how it began… Before bed my wife said please get some coffee and soy milk and get in bed soon. I said OK, but dillydallied and eventually headed to the local...
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    Happy Birthday Edwood!

    Hope you have a great Birthday with lots of cheer. Happy B-Day!
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    a little help finding an Apple Shuffle 2GB 1st gen.

    I've been looking for the past 45 minutes and can't locate an Apple Shuffle 2GB 1st generation. I've seen a few on eBay, but I would prefer to buy one new from an established and reliable e-tailer. Does anyone know where one could be found? Help
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    Will you watch the SuperBowl in HD?

    As the title asks, will you watch the SuperBowl in High Definition? And additionally, if not will you watch it in standard digital, analog, or not at all? Or are you waiting to get your HD receiver before game day? I'll be watching the game at home on my Pioneer PDP-5070HD with...
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    How fast are you willing to drive on the freeways, highways, & expressways?

    When you can how fast are you willing to drive generally? I drive about 85 mph when there isn't any traffic, I'm alone and no cops in plain view, but most of the time under 65 mph due to LA traffic.
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    Moth Audio Nite Light rare tube unit

    A high-end nite light from Moth Audio (Eddie Current) The audiogon ad is gone... So scroll down to post nine or click:
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    Anyone else getting a new Shuffle?

    I'm getting one. Can't wait until they arrive at my local Circuit City because I've got a $60 discount coupon there. Anyone one else getting one or thinking about it? Based on what I've read the old shuffles had the best sound quality out of all the ipods. I hope the same holds true with...
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    ED or HD

    Here’s my take so far… Enhanced Definition (ED): To my knowledge, most channels are standard digital and supposedly those channels and progressive scan DVD players look best on an ED television. High Definition (HD): On the few HD channels a HD television will look 10 to 15% better than a...
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    Can we still create threads with polls?
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    Southern California Meet: August 2006

    UPDATED: August 7, 2006 MEET DATE: August 12 & 13, 2006 LOCATION: Westlake Village, CA 91362 TIME: Start 10:30 AM Hello Head-Fiers: In less than 5 days, we’ll have a Southern California Head-Fi meet. Everyone is welcome to...
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    Beatles Songs Pay off Jackson's debt

    Well--here is the link to the news story:,00.html I still can not understand (or even accept) why Paul did not do everything within his power to purchase the rights to his work as a Beatle. I am sure he had the personal resources and if...
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    Digital Source Burn-in question

    Within the next day or so, I expect to receive a new digital source. I’ve misgivings about burn-in theory in general, but regardless I still attempt to burn-in most of my new gear upon receipt and as quickly as possible. When burning in a new digital source (CD player) is it necessary...
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    [help with eBay] Best offer: offer received

    I've received an offer that I might be interested in accepting, but I am not sure when it will expire since an alert indicates it will expire in 3 hour and 50 mins and in the offer box on the far left of my screen indicates 27h 50m. These two conflicting expiration times are for the same offer...
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    New Vinyl & Warping?

    About two weeks ago I purchased my first turntable a VPI Scout and I’ve been amassing my vinyl collection. So this evening I purchased some more LPs, John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme and Miles Davis’ Sorcerer. Yet both of these LPs are slightly warped, even though they are both brand new...
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    I Want to Kill

    I want to kill whatever could be on my headphones whether it be fungus, body lice or bacteria. Does anyone know any proven, effective, and safe methods to do so?
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    More Coffee Talk

    How do you take it? And what do you drink? I take my coffee and espresso black (no sugar or cream). I primarily drink Long Ears Coffee medium or light roast [home brew] and when out and about drink a triple short shot of espresso.
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    I want your opinion which flash player to get

    I’ve narrowed the field down to two flash players the U2 and U3 from iaudio/cowon. The U2 2GB with shipping will cost $226.10 and is in stock. The U3 2GB with shipping will cost $229.95 and is back ordered (shipping early February). Which one would you pick based on price almost being...
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    Meridian G08 and Eastsound CD-E5 Comparison

    Well, I’ve been blessed and cursed to have the pleasure to audition the Meridian G08 as a fringe benefit of hosting the So Cal meet and as a direct result of Justin Wilson’s (Headamp) request for this player and his attendance at the meet. A few days after the meet when things finally settle...