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  1. morsel

    DIY A/V RCA Compression Connector Cables

    You can make cheap audiophile quality cables comparable to expensive designer cables. F/BNC/RCA compression connectors assemble quickly and easily with common varieties of coaxial cable and grip with 360° high strength retention, resulting in more reliable and robust connections than solder...
  2. morsel

    ExpressPCB v5.1.0 supports copper fills and custom pads

    ExpressPCB v5.1.0 supports copper fills and custom pads. This may keep me from ever switching to "professional" layout software. I'll be out of town this week, but will try it out on my laptop and report back asap.
  3. morsel

    AD8610 on BrownDog adapter

    BrownDog is now offering AD8610 opamps mounted on BrownDog adapters for $11.95. These are also available from AMB Audio Shop or Tangent's Audio Parts Shop for only $10.
  4. morsel

    bass boost shelving filter equations

    Calling all hardcore math/ee geeks! What are the true equations for gain and 3dB points of a bass boost shelving filter, as described below? The Audio EQ Cookbook may provide some clues, but math is not my forté. The bass boost circuit is a 6dB/octave low pass shelving filter. Bass response...
  5. morsel

    M³ Project Announcement

    M³ Project Announcement Morsel and AMB present a new community service project and invite your participation. M³ is a 3 channel MOSFET output headphone amplifier inspired by the PPA and SDS Labs amps. There is no ETA on boards. Pronunciation M³ is pronounced em cubed. The 3 in M³ is...
  6. morsel


    OPA1632 Fully Differential I/O Audio Amplifier opa1632.pdf Iq 17mA Io 85mA BW 180MHz Slew Rate 50V/µs Noise 1.3nV/sqrtHz Supply Range ±2.5V to ±16V Fully differential balanced output Has anyone played with these yet?
  7. morsel

    stepped attenuator rotary switch mechanisms

    I would like to hear comparisons of stepped attenuator rotary switch mechanisms, specifically with regards to the feel, how easily and quietly they rotate, whether they generate any electrical noise, mechanical noise, are they make before break, etc. These are the rotary switch mechanism and...
  8. morsel

    Neutrik combo jacks do not lock

    Neutrik NCJ series combo jacks do not lock 1/4" headphone jacks, the silver tab only locks XLR connectors. Neutrik NJ3 series red tab locking 1/4" jacks do work properly. Thanks to Kurt for discovering this.
  9. morsel

    ExpressPCB v3.1 is available

    ExpressPCB Download Page