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  1. ingwe

    What are you giving-out for trick-or-treat tonight?

    Bought some broccoli; washed it* then put it in a bowl; will offer it to kids who come-a-begging tonight. Of course I'll have a huge bowl of candy in plain sight. *In case some doof actually takes some.
  2. ingwe

    Hakko 936

    Just a head's up: Fry's has them in their weekend advert (at least in the Atlanta area) for $50.00.
  3. ingwe

    the absolute sound

    not the magazine, but the concept. is there such a thing? how would we define it? is it relevant? Is there an objective standard baseline with which to compare...well everything? Live amplified instruments and voice? How so?
  4. ingwe

    CHANGE OF PLAN--Atlantans: Do you need a ride to the WashDC Meet?

    I'm driving to the CHANGE OF PLAN: Although I'm still driving up to the meet from Atlanta, afterwards (Sunday) I'm traveling on to Chicago. I can still take passengers to DC, but unless they want to visit Chicago, they'll need to find a...
  5. ingwe

    Eat More Records, R.I.P.

    Today I decided to make one of my infrequent pilgrimages to Eat More Records. My last one was almost a year ago. I drove for about 50-minutes from Alpharetta to Lawrenceville to discover an empty store: it isn't there anymore. Those familiar with Atlanta-area driving will understand why I...
  6. ingwe

    J.K. Rowling's Harvard Commencement Address

    Wonderful, thoughtful, inspiring.
  7. ingwe

    Atlanta/Loganville, GA

    Apologies to all the offended for posting this here. We want to make sure this isn't overlooked. We're having a head-fi meet on July 5. Please go here for the info. If you don't attend, I'll cut my thumb off! I mean it man! -Fitz
  8. ingwe

    My 1,000th Post

    And its been a long time coming. True, most were inane, insipid diatribes, thread crapping, and flame-bait. And many more were "yep" "+1" worthless wastes of time. And of course... Well, never mind all that. Fact is, I've made it to base-camp-4 and headphonious supremous is within reach...
  9. ingwe

    Freedom Driver

    Did a search, didn't see it. So for that "woody" or "glassy" or "plasticy" or "transparent" or "sturdy" presentation... -m
  10. ingwe

    wrong forum...

    on second thought, this probably belongs in the portables forum.
  11. ingwe

    A Dialogue with Microsoft

    Ingwe: Hello, Microsoft? It's Ingwe! Microsoft: Oh, hello Ingwe... Ingwe: I just purchased an iPod Classic 160! Its great! I can have entire lossless music collection at my disposal! And the battery life is incredible! Microsoft: Yes...? Ingwe: So I guess I won't be using my Zune...
  12. ingwe

    Re-ripping to Apple Lossless

    Although most of my rips are 320mp3, now that I have the room on my ip160, I'm re-ripping selected CD's (to start) to lossless. Little-by-little, getting it done! Eventually, I have a gazillion vinyl records to rip (if that's the term).
  13. ingwe

    iPhone Store Credit

    A week after Steve's letter and no details as far as I can tell.
  14. ingwe

    Help me out...

    I'd really like to reach my 200th post tonight. And this is the forum where I'd like it to happen. -m
  15. ingwe

    iPhone Dock

    Here's a closeup of the dock connector bundled with the iPhone. According to the information at, the pins correspond to (from left-to-right): pin 16 - USB GND (-) pin 23 - USB Power 5 VDC (+) pin 25 - USB Data (-) pin 27 - USB Data (+) I don't...
  16. ingwe

    NAKED-NUDIE (Was: The Dynavector Karat 17D2 MK.II MC Cartridge (52k warning) )

    Clothed: Nude: Yep, that's a diamond cantilever; and boy is it short! Stylus guards are for sissies! And taking a couple steps back... That mirrored thingy in front of the TT is my Wallytractor protractor! That Lack table is okay, but I really need...
  17. ingwe

    Off into the abyss... (56K warning)

    Damn y'all! Here's what I've assembled so far:star-quad shrink wrap techflex canare f12's neutrik rca's slim ipod doc connectors (from quables) hakko iron solder/flux multi-hand tool multi-meter exacto knife hub adjustment wrench for my mavic kyserium sl wheels (oops, wrong project) work lamp...